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Holy Thanksgiving stuffing is done and gone! Bring on December full of Christmas cheer!

Pole Vault news, “All in the family: Pole-vault phenom Mondo Duplantis signs with LSU track and field team” (Pole-vault phenom Mondo Duplantis signs with LSU track and field team (2017). Retrieved from

“Call it a comeback. A 5,130-mile comeback, to be exact. Sondre Guttormsen’s story begins in 1999, when he was born in Davis while his father was spending a year studying abroad at UC Davis, working on an economics Ph.D.” (Look who’s back: Norwegian pole vault prodigy returns to Davis.  (2017). Retrieved from

On the cover, we have Harvard University with Coach Brenner Abbott, “The Harvard pole vaulting team is coached by the great Brenner Abbott. Originally the Northeastern coach, Abbott made the switch from Boston to Cambridge, and in 2012 dropped the Huskies to become a Crimson.” Have a read and check out his unique approach to pole vaulting and training. “Because Coach Abbott’s training style is so run-oriented, the NCAA regulated limit on early season vault practice is no problem.” Samantha Kaplan does her homework with all her articles, and it shows that she puts in the work. Good Job!

Kreager Taber talks about the importance of rope drills throughout all of your pole vault training. “Doing swing up drills on a hanging rope can help the vaulter develop the necessary strength to perform a fast swing while vaulting. The athlete should stand under the rope and jump so that their feet cannot touch the ground in order to begin the drill.” The hips up, shoulders down and pure hard work goes hand in hand with this article. If you want to learn about rope drills, here is the article to read!  It comes from experience, and this young lady provides some outstanding insight and knowledge from her experience. Good job Kreager!

Bundle up tight, and we will see you for the new year!

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