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December 2022 Naval Academy

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It’s December and wow, it came extremely quickly once again. It seems that I’m saying this a little too often. It’s the best time of the year if you ask us, we love the holiday season for all the Christmas Cheer. Every year it seems that Christmas and our Candy Cane meet is the staple of our club and magazine. Such a fun event with friends and family around sharing Christmas joy. You can’t ask for more as we add the wonderful sport of pole vault right in the middle of it all. If you get a chance to come and join us, I would do just that. We will see you all at the 2022 EXPO Explosion meet in Texas. Come and join us for the fun.


What a cool cover by the United States Naval Academy with all the Christmas spirit around this amazing team. Once again, they make the whole process so flawless with their enthusiasm and professionalism. But there’s more to this amazing team then what meets the eye. “Rory Quiller spearheads the pole vault squad at the Naval Academy, located in Annapolis, Maryland. The U.S Naval Academy is a federal service academy, and the athletes on the Navy track and field squad are held to high standards of achievement that look a little different than the usual college athletic experience.” What else can you say, this is a top-notch institution for military pole vaulting. Thank you for taking the time to bless us with your knowledge and insight. Sara knocked it out of the park with this article, thank you!


When I read the article from Daniel Bush each month, I get quite the chuckle with what he provides. Not only very well written and professionally done, but it’s also fun to follow along one month after another. ““He’s a stickler, dat Steve Stickler, ya?” I said.  “Lucky, he gave grace.” Arriving at the source of a traffic jam, a car had its hazard lights on as two men pushed it from behind.  “Hey, isn’t that Stickler?” Chuck asked, placing his gold medal on the dash.  “And he’s got Barlove with him.” Always wrapped in family values, hard work and discipline and we love that about his stories. “


Goals are a very efficient way to get through most aspects of life to include pole vault. If it’s New Years’, state championships, or league finals, it is good to set some short- and long-term goals that will help you navigate through the process of pole vault. Abbey sends in a sweet article how she sets her goals and the importance of doing so. Great read! “So, in short, my goal was to work so hard that I would accomplish my dreams.”


January 1, 2023 is right upon us and we will have the coast guard on the cover for the new year. Stay tuned for that edition, it will be a good one.

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Do you miss the summer nights and beaches yet? We know many of you are back to school, and you may think that all the fun is over, but new friends and new opportunity await. Before you know it, you will be training again and preparing yourself for the indoor track season. Many of you have already started lifting, running and more, so buckle your seatbelt and be ready for another season. This month will turn out to be an excellent month so sit tight and see what the magazine has to offer.But first, the news!

Pole Vault news, “Eliza McCartney withdraws from Diamond League pole vault finals with heel injury” Kiwi pole vault star Eliza McCartney gave it her best shot but has conceded defeat in her race for fitness to compete at the Diamond League finals in Zurich early Friday (NZT). (2018). (

“Pole vaulter Jenn Suhr's season over due to medical issues” Jenn Suhr, the three-time Olympian from Riga, has ended her track and field season early due to medical issues. (2018). Retrieved from (

On the cover, Armondo Duplantis! After the huge jump last month, we would be crazy not to have this teenaged pole vault superstar on the cover of Vaulter Magazine. “A kid, surrounded by his idols, with not one but two nations of pole vault fans looking to see what he can do.” Soon we will see the day where Mondo set’s his limits and leads the rest of the sport down an unbeaten path. Good luck Mondo, we will be waiting to see what happens next! Good Samantha, well worth the read.

From the Liberty Bridge Jump-Off to the Diamond League Championships Kreager Taber takes on a trek to see the results and feel the action. " Katie Nageotte set a new NACAC record in the women’s pole vault, jumping 4.75 meters for the win." I know that there were plenty of street vaults, summer meets and more, but Kreager chooses to start where she did. Next time we will have to hear about all the rest.

Check us out next month when we bring another exciting issue to the sport. We have had to put forth a few detours as the jumping heads to higher limits.

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