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Before he tries to become a three-time champion, the defending Class 2 pole vaulting champion has decided where he will be going to college.

Monroe City High School senior Mike Grinde officially signed on with Division 2 Missouri Science and Technology during a signing event held at Monroe City High School on Tuesday.

Grinde is the two-time defending pole vaulting champion for Class 2, but his decision for college had very little to do with anything on the field.

“The choice was purely academic,” Grinde said. “I was looking for a college that focused on engineering, which Rolla (where Missouri S&T is located) does
perfectly. That’s what I want to get into, computer engineering.”

The senior added, “(It’s) just a fascination I have had for a while with technology in general. I have narrowed it down, but it’s computers I want to get into.”

Grinde said that he had no nerves over the signing event.

“I’m okay with it, it’s another progression in my life going from high school to college,” Grinde said. “I’m really looking forward to it.”

Monroe City track and field head coach Tony DeGrave said S&T presents a good opportunity for Grinde.

“It’s a great opportunity for him,” DeGrave said. “He’s a great kid. His work ethic speaks for himself in this situation. He’s an extremely hard worker with a great set of parents and coaches (DeGrave is not Grinde’s pole vaulting coach).

He just has worked himself into this position. A school like Rolla is known for its engineering and academics. It’s all of the above. He’s an athlete and he can handle his grades and his school work at the same time. It’s an impressive feat.”

Grinde comes in a long line of solid Monroe City pole vaulters said DeGrave.

“Pole vault is kind of a legacy in Monroe City and Mike has kept that tradition going,” DeGrave said. “There was some pressure put on him, but he is a returning two-time state champ. He’s going for his third in a row. It’s great to have a hard working state champion on the program.”

Grinde agrees that his high school career has been solid.

“I thought it went really well,” the senior said. “Freshman year I was coming in, having fun and I ended up getting eighth place at state. Sophomore year I went in and went for state championship and ended up getting it and holding it last year. It was pretty great.”

For the kids he will be leaving behind, Grinde had some advice.

Keep it simple.

“Just have fun with it,” Grinde said. “Don’t take it too seriously or it will control you. You have to have fun with whatever you do.”

While the senior will be focusing primarily on academics, there is one thing he would like to accomplish in college.

“It would be nice to get All-American,” Grinde said.


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Mike Grinde

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