Desiree Freier Over 14′ – 4.27m (High School COVER Winner)

Not only was today a world record-setting day for Renaud Lavillenie (6.16), Desiree Freier reached a milestone of her own jumping 14′ (4.27) today at Millrose! This is no easy feet for the senior heading to the University of Arkansas, 14′ (4.27) is quite the achievement and we are extremely proud of her and her goal!

Earlier in the year, Vaulter Magazine stated that the first female high school pole-vaulter to jump 14’ would get her very own cover shot for Vaulter Magazine! Mission complete and we are ready to fulfill that requirement.  For the boys side, the first high school boy to jump 18′ (5.49) would get his cover as well.  So get to jumping athletes and we will see you on the cover!

Coming soon to a magazine cover near you!

Desiree Freier
Desiree Freier



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