Developer Swears $300M Turner Field Plan is Unchanged

Those of us with visions of a $1 billionfacelift changing the functionality and attractiveness of the Turner Field area need to hold our horses, according to one company vying to buy the site. Contrary to recent reports, officials with Carter, an Atlanta-based developer, say word of a $1 billion redevelopment around The Ted is off base. Carter, Georgia State University and Columbia Residential teamed up earlier this year to offer their vision for an overhaul of The Ted and its vast parking lots, which would cost about 1/3 of a billion. “The project currently stands where it’s been,” Carter spokesman Mike Rieman said Thursday. “No new information at this time. The $300 million number is still accurate.”

Nonetheless, the plan looks ambitious and could be the economic enema the area has been pining for since Hammerin’ Hank was in uniform.

Those plans break down like this: the MLB stadium will be flipped into a 30,000-seat arena for football, soccer and track-and-field sports. Just north of that, expect a new Georgia State baseball stadium in the footprint of former Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. Plans for the 80 acres beyond The Ted call for private student housing, single-family homes, market-rate apartments and a mixed-use mélange of shops and restaurants, including a possible grocery store. GSU officials say the project could add 1,200 beds for students and help solve its parking issues.



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