Documentary Shows Senior Athletes Going For the Gusto

There was a time when retirement was seen as a reward for a long life of hard work, and a chance to rest, and relax. But for a growing number of older Americans, golf and backgammon just aren’t enough.

That’s 86-year Adolph Hoffman from Somerset, Texas perfecting his pole vaulting techniques in preparation for the 2009 national senior games in California – an event which attracted more than 10,000 athletes.

He’s one of a handful of superannuated athletes profiled in a new documentary called Age of Champions, which is being screened in Portland this weekend.

“I realize that I”m getting old and that most people my age are six foot under the ground instead of trying to pole vault six foot or better,” Hoffman said in the documentary.

Hoffman, who’s still competing, went on to win seven medals at the 2009 senior games, including a gold in the pole vault. But his best was yet to come: at the National Senior Games in Houston last year, he won 10 gold medals.


Adolph Hoffman
Adolph Hoffman

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