G-PV 1 12-06.00 Wilkes, Hunter(2012)(Hamilton, AZ) (US#44) Meet of Champions(AZ), 2012-05-16(#1)
G-PV 2 12-03.00 Fraley, Chandler(2012)(Valley Christian, AZ) (US#70) SE Valley Championship(AZ), 2012-05-02(#1)
G-PV 3 12-00.00 Davis, Vanessa(2015)(Desert Vista, AZ) (US#97) Meet of Champions(AZ), 2012-05-16(#2)
G-PV 3 12-00.00 Bramwell, Kaija(2015)(Mountain View, AZ) (US#97) Meet of Champions(AZ), 2012-05-16(#2)



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