Editorial: Rio Olympics are NZ’s most successful but are funding priorities right?

The Rio de Janeiro Olympics are history and the clock is ticking down towards the next such sporting extravaganza, the Tokyo Games in 2020.

Rio’s olympic cauldron is barely even cool and achievements at its venues are still fresh in the minds of millions of people. But attention will already be turning towards Japan. New Zealand’s athletes and officials will be thinking about funding priorities and the possibilities of eclipsing what has been the country’s best-ever medal effort.

For those already missing the games, there is the prospect not too far away of the February 2018 Winter Olympics at PyeongChang, South Korea, and the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games a couple of months later.

Whatever your view of the political aspect of the games, the controversies surrounding them – including doping – and the colossal amount of money spent to make the event a reality every four years, the Olympics remain an exciting international spectacle and a celebration of the physical abilities of the world’s elite sportsmen and women.


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