Feb 2024 University of Arkansas

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Editor’s Note: Soaring Heights, Taping Success, and Navigating the Skies with the University of Arkansas Pole Vaulting Team


In the world of collegiate track and field, the University of Arkansas Pole Vaulting Team stands as a beacon of triumph and excellence. This editor’s note captures three compelling articles by Doug Bouma, offering an immersive journey into the soaring achievements, of the University of Arkansas Pole Vaulting Team, Taping Success and Traveling with pole vault poles.

On the cover – Soaring Beyond Limits: The University of Arkansas Pole Vaulting Team’s Triumph:
Coach Compton’s leadership has propelled the team to extraordinary heights, shaping a legacy of triumph over the years. As the team enters the current season, the focus is on contributing vital conference and national points. The spotlight shines on standout performers Amanda Fassold and Marin Chamberlin, the core strength of a stacked team ready to make a mark on the national stage.

Taping Success: The Art and Importance of Marking Your Pole Vault Poles:
Pole vaulting is a nuanced dance between athlete and equipment, and this article delves into the meticulous art of taping and marking pole vault poles. Athletic tape plays a multifaceted role, offering enhanced grip, reduced vibrations, and personalization. Proper taping technique is crucial, and marking the poles becomes an equally vital practice for consistency in performance, quick identification, and streamlined communication between coaches and athletes.

Navigating the Skies: The Pole Vault Odyssey Across the United States:
The third article unravels the tapestry of traveling with pole vault poles, exploring the challenges, victories, and profound connections forged in the skies. From the initial challenge of airport logistics to the role of airlines and the tales of success and horror stories, this article navigates the complex world of transporting these elongated companions.

Next month on the cover we have another hard-hitting University pole vault team ready to make a mark.

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