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Happy February, everyone! We hope all who went to the pole vault summit had a great time! We sure did and can’t wait for another great summit next year. This month we have some exciting articles for you.

Ever wonder when pole vaulting became a sport for women? Turns out it is a very young women’s sport. John Stypa tells you all the history of women pole vaulting. Wonder why pits are so big, heavy, and a pain to move? John covers that too and more in his article, so flip over a learn the history of your sport.

ACT? SAT? Which one is better? What is the difference between the two? Penny Hanson breaks it all down for you. Turns out you can choose which test to take and Penny gives you all the details you need to know about both tests. She also gives you advice on how to prepare for either test. As always, Penny has great advice so flip over and learn which test is best for you.

Did you know there are pole vault spikes? That’s right, there are actual spikes designed specifically for pole vaulting. Sadie Lovett tells you all about pole vault spikes and why they are so much better for you than sprint spikes. Jump on over to see what she, some coaches, and some athletes have to say.

There are two featured articles this month. First being Sacramento State. This track program has a great atmosphere for their 10 vaulters and a great new Mondo track for practice. The Sac State vaulters go to the pole vault summit every year and they host Stacy Dragila’s pole vault camp each summer for something to do as a team. This is a great school and you should check it out!

Our second featured article is the University of North Dakota. This school has a lot to offer their vaulters and under the leadership of Coach Silvers, they will go far! This vault crew does a lot of team activities to keep their focus on fun, which is how every program should be! You should take a look at this team. They have a great program.

As you all get adjusted back home from the pole vault summit, we thank you for all the fun and for continuing to stay with us! Until next month, good luck as your seasons are now underway!

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