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February is upon us, and now we start to finish up the Indoor season and head for outdoor track and field along with the start of the high school track season.

This month we have Cornell University on the front cover. New coach and whole unique atmosphere for this pole vault team. “The year marks a big change for the Cornell vault squad, namely, the onboarding of the new pole vault coach Derick Hinch. Although he’s new to Cornell, his background in the sport is extensive”.

John Clark covered the 2020 EXPO Explosion meet and a fun, exciting meet it was! “This was my second Expo Explosion, and in a somewhat surprising change of pace that may have contributed to my overall sense of unease and lackluster performance, I was not first on the runway this time, as my preferred starting height has increased recently, and the opening bar for my Masters group was set at 5-1”.

Stuart Kantor has a new book coming out about Daylis Caballero Vega and her journey into the U.S. Pole Vaulting scene. “Ever since Daylis uttered the words, “I defect,” her journey has taken her thousands of miles across the United States, with little-to-no-money, sleeping at friend’s houses / apartments relishing odd jobs like dishwasher to earn a little money – the dream of competing as an American athlete under the USATF banner veiled by the innate will to eat and then foster the energy to plot the subsequent move: where to live and work next?”

The month of March will bring on all kinds of madness as we quickly approach the 2020 Olympic Trials. Stay tuned for more hard-hitting coverage.

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