Fike’s Nicol fully committed to pole vaulting at Montreat College

Not only has Davis Nicol found a pathway to his future through pole vault, but the Fike High senior discovered a life lesson in the sport.

“It’s just to fully commit to something, even if it’s a small thing, just fully commit to it,” he said. “Like school, you’ve got to fully commit to it because if you don’t, you’ll fail. Or pole-vaulting — if you don’t fully commit, you’ll probably break the pole and injure yourself.”

Nicol fully committed to Montreal College on Thursday when he signed his National Letter of Intent to continue his pole vault career at the NAIA program. 

“I’m ecstatic!” he said during a ceremony in the Fike auditorium attended by his teammates, coaches, teachers and his parents, Heather and Tim Nicol of Elm City. “I really can’t find the words to describe it because I still don’t believe it, that a school actually wants me to continue doing what I love.”

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