Whenever Grand Island Islander pole vaulter Steven Cahoy competes the rest of the season, he’ll be trying to break the state record, a record he already owns.

Steven is our Aurora Cooperative News Five 5 Star Performer.

When Steven Cahoy of the Grand Island Islanders made this vault in last season’s Norfolk Invitational, he was on his way to the All-Class gold state championship.

Once he captured that all-class gold, he said at the time he looked forward to trying to do it again.

“I would like to thank everyone for all the support they’ve given me and my family for urging me to do this, it’s been an awesome ride and I’ve still got next year to do this also,” said Steven Cahoy, 2012 Nebraska State Pole Vault Champion.

Vaulting this year almost didn’t happen for Steven.

Playing quarterback for the Islanders, he was seriously injured in game four against the Norfolk Panthers and knocked out for the rest of the season. His injuries could have knocked him out for the track season.

“I took a big hit by three different guys and all hit me in the head and I was out for awhile and don’t even remember that whole day and had to go to the hospital, couldn’t feel the left side of my body, had a bruised spinal cord, sever concussion and whiplash, and everything pretty much,” said Cahoy.

Not only has Steven recovered from those injuries, he’s broken the state record with a vault of 16 feet, 3 and one quarter inches, whose record did he break? None other than former Husker kicker Brett Maher.

“For a brief time we thought maybe he’d be done but his mom assured me that he’d recover and get going with vault. What did you feel like when he broke that state record? I was very excited for him. It’s all about the kids out here so anytime they can set a state record or a PR is awesome for them,” said Jess McDowell, Grand Island Islander Pole Vault Coach.

Now that he has the record, he’ll aim for his 2nd all class state gold at Omaha Burke next month at the state meet. Already signed to vault at the University of Nebraska, Steven has been on the recruiting trail.

“I had a few colleges contact me. I went on a couple of visits down to Rice, K-State and Nebraska and I was set to go to Oklahoma but decided not to,” said Cahoy.

As he completes his high school competition and gets set for college, Steven will continue to be trying to reach new heights.

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