Sometimes it’s funny how things work out.

Just after Thanksgiving, Tim St. Lawrence and the Hudson Valley Flying Circus pole vault club held a free clinic at The Armory with the notion that, with proper training, high school students would be interested in taking flight.

What wasn’t expected was that 200 interested vaulters would show up. As St. Lawrence told Justin Tasch of the New York Daily News, the “thirst for the pole vault” was a stimulus to add the event for the high schoolers to the Millrose Games for the first time.

“Having high school pole vault now creates some big dreams for kids in New York City,” he said. “Millrose has a vision; they’re really on the cutting edge of moving high school events up into the limelight. We’re thankful for them initiating that.

“[The Armory] creates a little mystique. The people right on top of the track, it’s pretty electric. The Armory is a place of hope and dreams, and kids gravitate to the Armory for that very purpose.”

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Millrose-flight Vaulter Magazine
Millrose-flight Vaulter Magazine

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