Forget the pole vault! I’m now the biggest fan of the Soule Vault

Mike Soule, the musician and M60 vaulter, is featured in his local Minnesota paper. Headline is: ‘Flying through the air is really kind of fun’ and so is the story. He’s not a superstar jumper this year, but I share his attitude of “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing badly.” He says: “I’m really out of shape and don’t jump like I used to. You can’t be weak. I have no core strength so I’m only jumping 7’-6”, where before I was 9’-3”. So that’s my incentive.” But he gives back as a coach: “Beginning April 27, Soule is offering pole vaulting lessons for those 10 and older through Forest Lake Community Education. Until last year locals knew him as the guy with a complete vaulting pit in his backyard, established in 2006 for a group he founded called the G-Force Pole Vault Club. he club, which typically draws 10 to 15 participants of all ages who practice from April to October, is sanctioned by the USATF… Last year Soule moved the club and equipment to the south end of the Forest Lake Area High School football field to maintain USATF insurance.”





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