Because of the rain on Friday, the women’s pole vault preliminaries were cancelled, and the entire 27-person field advanced to the finals. But the large number of competitors and the long wait times between vaults didn’t seem to bother Becky Holliday, who cleared 14 feet 11 inches.

Holliday competed for Clackamas Community College before transferring and becoming an NCAA champion at the University of Oregon in 2003.  But since, the road has been more difficult.  Holliday lost her sponsorship in 2006.

“It’s been hard.  I’ve had every single job you can think of.  I’ve been a server, worked at the airport as a bagger.  I did the Home Depot thing for three years and that helped out a ton.”

Holliday said she has been competing in the pole vault for 15 years.

“I’m probably the veteran out there.  I think I’m probably the oldest out there.  I want to just tell USATF just please don’t forget about some of the older athletes, ’cause we’re still here.  I’m still here, and I actually think I’m finally in my prime.”

Another former Duck, 2011 graduate Melissa Gergel, placed seventh.  But only the top three finishers make the US Olympic Team.

Holliday will be joined in London by the two other pole vault qualifiers, Jennifer Suhr [SURR] and Lacy Janson.

By Jes Burns



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