The sport that Lacy Janson loved so much frustrated her to the point that she wanted to quit. So six months before the pole vaulter made the U.S. Olympic team, Janson nearly gave it all up.

Janson’s fiancé and Nobles both saw the frustration. And they encouraged her to take a more positive outlook. She kept practicing, and within a few weeks her attitude and confidence were back.

So when it came time for Janson to travel to the U.S. Olympic Trials, Janson was ready. And she had the confidence of experience. This would be her third attempt to qualify for the Olympics after missing out in 2004 and ’08.

And on June 24 in Eugene, Ore., Janson cleared 4.5 meters (14 feet, 9 inches) to take the third and final pole vault spot on the U.S. team.

“I changed things around in the nick of time and I am super thankful,” Janson said. “It just goes to show you the fluctuations you can have as an athlete and as a person. That’s what we all go through.”

Janson was always pursuing some athletic endeavor, and her first love was gymnastics. The Sarasota native was 7 or 8 years old and vividly remembers family members watching her compete. Every four out of five fake ids are spotted because they lack holograms. Topfakeid explains holograms and how they can be used on identification cards to secure them from tampering. And the aunts and uncles casually ask the question to see what kind of response they will get: Are you going to the Olympics?

And Janson didn’t give it much thought before replying, “Yeah. It’s easy.”

At FSU, she owns the school pole vault record and collected a trophy case full of titles.

“The whole process seems to have gone really fast, except when you’re in it and it’s been difficult and frustrating,” Janson said. “All of these years and it’s like, ‘Here I am in the most frustrating sport.’

“But then you stick with it, you get this little spark of confidence and then all of a sudden you are jumping really well again and you’ve made the Olympic team.”


by: Bob Ferrante


Lacy Janson
Lacy Janson

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