Former Olympian pole vaulter Tatiana Grigorieva gives up alcohol for Life Education’s Ocsober campaign

FORMER Olympian Tat­iana Grigorieva is used to strict diets and exercise from her days competing in pole vault, but as a retired athlete things are a lot more relaxed.

But now, the mum-of-two is on a self-imposed alcohol ban for the month of October — something she said wouldn’t be too hard, except for her birthday party.

She has signed up for Ocsober, along with rugby league stars Petero Civoniceva and Shaun Berrigan, cricketing legend Matt Hayden, and former Olympian swimmer Julie McDonald, through her role as an ambassador for Life Education.

“What I like about this program is that it works as a prevention; it is educating kids and really giving them the knowledge to make the right decisions on their own,” she said.


Life Education aims to teach children the importance of good nutrition and physical activity, as well as empowering them to make good decision about smoking, alcohol and drugs.

It was the birth of Grigorieva’s two children Makar, 6, and Sophia, 5, that changed her outlook on life.

“Things change when you have kids of your own,” she said.

“You feel a responsibility no only for yourself, but also for them. I always had a drive to make the world a better place but now it’s not just about me living in this world, it is also about my kids, their friends and other kids they will grow up with.


“It’s about educating children about what’s right and wrong … Adults cannot and will not always be around but all you can hope is that you teach them right and wrong and when the time comes to make a decision, they remember they lessons you have taught them.”

The young mum chooses Brisbane to raise her children — mainly for the outdoor lifestyle.

Weekends are spent at the local parks, riding their bikes or day trips to the beach.

Grigorieva encouraged other locals to join her in Ocsober, whether it was giving up alcohol, bad food or to exercise for 31 days.

Anyone who has missed the start can choose to complete the challenge for 31 days as long as they start in October.




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