NEW ULM, Minnesota – A man voted one of the top 100 Olympians of all time talked about motivation, leadership and positively affecting the masses at the Heart Of New Ulm (HONU) 5th Annual Community Summit Thursday at the New Ulm Event Center.”The difference between a mediocre person and a champion is mental attitude, one who doesn’t give up. Most people give up too easily,” said Dan Gable. “You have to welcome competition. You can’t escape it in life. Competition brings out the best in a person and all those around him.”As a high school sophomore and defending Iowa wrestling champion, Gable said he heard 1952 Olympic pole vault champion Bob Richards talk and bought his book “The Heart of a Champion.”

The book is a bit frayed around the edges, but Gable held it as he spoke Thursday.”I needed the book,” Gable said. “Two weeks later, my sister was murdered. Our family was never the same, but it kept me on the narrow. I knew my family needed entertainment, so I provided it with my wrestling.”He talked about people improving their lifestyles by not giving into temptation, beating addiction, creating change for a better future and positively affecting the masses.”Helping others comes back to you.

Find a way to recover daily so you wake up ready to go, like I do daily,” said Gable, who won 182 of 183 high school and collegiate wrestling matches and was the 1972 Olympic wrestling champion.


Bob Richards
Bob Richards

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