The 35-year-old had decided to hang up his spikes at the conclusion of the Olympic season, but it appears he is now having second thoughts according to what he told French sports newspaper L’Equipe.
After accumulating 12 national titles and two world silvers from 2007 and 2009, Mesnil felt he had given enough, but his participation in the London Olympics has given him the taste for more.
“I am going to start my professional reconversion,” he told the paper. Mesnil studied engineering and is keen to make the switch from the pole vault pit. But not just yet.
“But at the same time, I would like to have a season where I am free from any pressure just to see where it takes me,” he said.
Ninth in the London final has reignited Mesnil’s passion for the sport: “In this Olympic year, I have put pressure on myself and I thought it would be nice to continue for a while with a different approach.”
Whatever the outcome of his deliberations, Mesnil intends to delay his final decision until the month of October. Meanwhile, he will compete in Lausanne, Zurich and maybe Berlin.


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