Freshman pole vaulter Meghan Matheny stands at the end of the runway, preparing to face the bar in front of her during the final rounds of competition at the All-Atlantic Region Track and Field Conference Championships on March 1.

Though it may be the biggest meet of her collegiate career to date, Matheny is calm and collected, as her entire family and longtime coach Matt Scheffler stand in the arena supporting her. She takes a deep breath, sprints down the runway, plants her pole and soars over the bar, setting a new personal best of 3.77 meters.

Throughout her track and field career, Matheny has always competed with her family and Scheffler behind her. She was born and raised in Lansing, New York — just a 22-minute drive from Ithaca College’s campus — and Scheffler coached her high school track and field team. Despite having several Division I offers, Matheny said she chose to continue competing at the college because she could not pass up the opportunity to stay within her comfort zone while striving for new heights in competition.

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