POCATELLO, Idaho-Most people know senior pole vaulter Caitlin Maulin for her amazing athletic ability on the track and field team but what many might not know is that the Boise native traded in her dance shoes to focus on her track career.

Maulin began dancing when she was two years old and continued dancing until her freshman year at Idaho State.

“I was enrolled in all kinds of dance classes and was even pursuing a dance minor,” Maulin said. “I found that it was just too hard to manage both dance and track.”

While taking gymnastics, Maulin discovered the pole vault was something she was interested in.

“I was very young when I realized I wanted to pole vault,” Maulin said. “I was so young I forgot that I said I wanted to pole vault but my mom pushed me to continue with it.”

Head track and field coach Dave Nielsen has played an instrumental role in Maulin’s athletic pursuits. Nielsen’s knowledge about the pole vault made Maulin’s decision on where to attend college an easy one.

“From the moment I got here he has been such a great coach,” Maulin said. “He is someone I look up to.”

Maulin’s success on the Idaho State track and field team has been noteworthy. She made her way into school records for both the indoor and outdoor season in 2012. She holds the record in the outdoor (13-7 1/3) while holding the top indoor spot with Kylee Gleason (13-1 1/2).

“My most memorable moment without a doubt since coming to Idaho State has been breaking the school outdoor record,” Maulin said.

Her success has motivated her to set new goals for the 2015 outdoor season.

“I’ve gone to regionals twice but I missed the mark at both meets,” she said. “This year my goal is to qualify for nationals.”

Maulin has been training in the weight room lifting weights and working on her speed.

“I’ve been preparing mentally as well,” Maulin said. “I’ve been working on visualizing what I’m doing and that seems to be helping.”

One piece of advice that the senior pole vaulter hasn’t forgotten since reaching new heights in the pole vault is that the future is endless.

“Anything that has happened in the past doesn’t define what you’re going to do in the future,” she said.

Maulin has a degree in economics and is in the process of getting her second degree in statistics.  She is also pursuing a degree in computer science.

After graduation Maulin wants to go to graduate school at the University of California, San Diego.

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