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Winter may be setting in, but we at Fuzion Athletics know that Track & Field season is only a shotput throw away—and we have exciting news for this upcoming season.
Fuzion Athletics is excited to announce its expansion to Kentucky and Texas, while keeping its stronghold in Minnesota. We are proud to offer the same training camps and equipment rentals in Minnesota. We add a training facilities in Kentucky and expand equipment rental pick up/drop off locations to Minnesota, Kentucky and Texas.

“Fuzion has always been committed to developing team members at every level no matter where they are,” said Jamie Steffen, founder and CEO of Fuzion Athletics. “The expansion will help more athletes across the nation run faster, jump higher, throw farther, and crush PRs in the events they love.”

Since 2008 Fuzion Athletics has trained more than 250 state qualifiers, nine state champions, seven high school All-Americans, two USATF National Champions, three Silver Medalist, four Olympic Trial qualifiers along along with 30 plus USATF National Youth and Junior Olympics qualifiers and we represented three USA team members at Worlds—a strong track record.

Fuzion has also provided year-round training, scholarships, sponsored many athletes and events, equipment/rentals to countless athletes and coaches across the United States and abroad. We’re confident the expansion will continue to grow our success and allow more team members to wear the Fuzion uniform—to do more and do it well.

• USATF camps in Minnesota will continue to be offered this winter and will be posted on the Fuzion Athletics website, as normal.
• We will be partnering with University of Wisconsin in River Falls, to host winter training
camps. Doing so has dropped camp rates by $150 per month. (Rates previously averaged $250 but are now $100 per month.)
• We are now offering twice as many openings for camp registration, as we have doubled the number pole vault pits at camp.
• Jim Moller, a familiar face at Fuzion Athletics, will join us as Regional Director over
Minnesota Pole Vault camps. Jim has been with Team Fuzion since its beginning in 2008. He is a master jumper, with more than 30 years of experience coaching and vaulting.
• We will still offer USATF membership with Fuzion Athletics (30-0425) for our Minnesota Team along with administering trips to USATF Nationals, Pole Vault Summit-Reno, and other Track and Field events.

• We will continue to offer pole rentals at camps and throughout the season for pick up and drop off at our Minnesota Twin Cities area.
• We will now also offer pick up and drop off locations in South Twin Cities area of Minnesota, Louisville, Kentucky and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.
• We will continue to offer shipping options to locations throughout the United States and abroad with our close partnership with ~ Flyaway poles
• We will continue to use Essx vaulting poles for our main rental line along with offering out great buyout and exchange program on all brands of new and used poles.
• Start thinking about your pole rentals! Now you can pre-order your season’s poles as early as December 1st for pick up as early as March or the start of your season.


• Late November Fuzion will be opening the Fuzion Olympic Sports Complex, a comprehensive training facility in Louisville, Kentucky, that will offer equipment, coaching for team members and emerging athletes in all events of Track & Field.
• The building is a covered indoor stadium with four pole vault pits, two LJ/TJ pits, two high jump pits, multiple throwing stations, and enough space for a 200m indoor track.
• The new training facility is large enough and strategically located to host nation-scale meets in the coming years.
• Chip Heuser will join Fuzion Athletics as Chief Operations Officer and manager of the FOSC. Chip comes with a very strong background in the pole vault he is a seven-time All-American from University of Florida and University of Oklahoma. Chip also represented the USA at Junior Worlds, and still holds the Kentucky state high school record at 17’1” /5.20m
• Chip is still training to make another world team and will also represent Team Fuzion as an athlete in our FOSC.

“We are very excited to be offer so many more programs, and taking Fuzion to the next level, with bring Chip and Jim on board we will be able to keep a high level of commitment to our local areas and the rest of the country” – said Steffen. Chip has design and developed an Elite Street Vaults in the world famous Fourth Street “Live!” venue downtown Louisville, the city has picked the event up for a five year circuit and last year alone it was one of the largest payout in the country for elite vaulters. Chip has bought on board some of the largest companies with fundraising and sponsorship of this event. “This will be one of the best venue for a elite vaulters to jump in, we are bring in some of the best jumpers in the worlds this year” said Chip Heuser COO of Fuzion Athletics.

Fuzion Athletics is committed to amplifying the talents of athletes at every age and stage—staying true to our mission of fuzing all events in Track & Field to create superior all-around athletes. We are not just a pole vault company anymore. If you have any questions about the upcoming season, locations, and services offered, please contact Jamie Steffen at

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