With the Olympics in Rio just days away, we have decided that it’s time to get to know some of the American athletes that you will be watching. Sure you already know Carmelo Anthony, Klay Thompson and DeAndre Jordan, but what about those volleyball players, gymnasts, and swimmers who you’ve never heard of. They deserve just as much love and affection as the professional basketball players and Michael Phelps.

The next Olympian in our series is track and field star Lexi Weeks. She qualified for the U.S. team this year for the very first time, despite being just 19 years old. She just wrapped up her freshman year at Arkansas, and it was a great year for her. For starters, she won the 2016 Freshman Field Athlete of the Year, made First Team Indoor All-American and was the NCAA Indoor Pole Vault Champion. Yeah, it seems like Weeks is ready for the Olympics.


I have good feeling that she is going to be standout this summer in Rio. Not only for her talent but she seems extremely likable. The best part is, there are two of her. She has a twin sister named Tori, who looks just like her. Take a look for yourself.




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