When Coley Ugland, who coaches the divers on the Century and Bismarck girls teams, wanted her athletes to improve on their voluntary dives, she set up a competition.

And she knew by framing it that way, she would light a fire under Century’s top diver, Lauren Gietzen.

“As soon as you say that word, she’s got to win,” Ugland said. “She’s a competitor. She wants to win. That’s her point. She’s here to win, she’s here to perfect things and she’s here to do things as well as she can. That’s one thing that makes her so good.”

Gietzen placed first at last week’s West Region meet, and she’s hoping to do the same this weekend at the state meet in Grand Forks. Preliminaries are today and finals on Saturday.

“Last year, I took third at state, so I really want to do better than that,” said Gietzen, a senior. “I really want to get my PR. I have a goal to score a 420.”

That is definitely possible. Gietzen scored a 415.10 at the region meet, nearly 30 points ahead of teammate Suzie Cox, who placed second. Gietzen’s primary competition is expected to come from a trio of Shanley divers — Anna Reinholz, Amy Anfinrud and Brittany Dixon — plus Cox and Bismarck’s Jenny Nelson.

“I have to be consistent through all my dives,” Gietzen said. “I can’t really let one slip. I’ve got to make sure that they all turn out good.”

Gietzen got a relatively late start in diving. She was a gymnast until her freshman year, when the physical toll pushed her to try a new sport.

“I got a lot of injuries, and I just wasn’t having fun anymore,” she said. “Gymnastics kills your body — the constant pounding daily. I hurt ankles all the time.”

Gietzen was aware that gymnasts often excel at diving and pole vault, and she has done both. As a sophomore she won a state pole vaulting title and also was sixth in the triple jump. Last year she was fourth in the pole vault and eighth in the triple jump.

While Gietzen is planning to continue in track at the collegiate level, she has been an invaluable member of the swimming and diving team — because of her performance and her attitude.

“She’s super intense in what she’s doing, very much a perfectionist,” head coach Jeff Steel said. “She’s always working very hard.

“… Since I’ve come to Century, I’ve worked hard to have the swimmers and divers bond together as much as possible, and Lauren has helped make that easy,” Steele added. She’s got such a great personality. The other girls gravitate toward her.”

Ugland agreed, pointing out that as driven as Gietzen is to excel individually, she also cares deeply about others.

“She wants her teammates’ success just as much as she enjoys her own,” Ugland said. “She works hard for what she wants and pushes her teammates to do the same. She likes to help her teammates. They all help each other, and it makes them all better divers.”

As a team, Century — champions in 2009, 2010 and 2011 — will try to regain the crown won by Fargo North. West Fargo enters the state meet as the favorite, with Minot, North and Century the Packers’ closest pursuers.

The Patriots’ top point-getter is expected to be Dani Bergeson. The junior won the 100 back and 200 free last year. Bergeson has switched from the 200 to the 100 free, and is seeded No. 1 in both that and the back.

Century has a pair of eighth-graders, Tess Sether and Vanessa Herrmann, with top-eight seedings. Herrmann has the fifth-best qualifying time in the 100 breaststroke, while Sether is seeded sixth in the 200 individual medley. Amy Warren is seeded eighth in the 500 free.

Mandan, coming off a third-place finish at the regional meet, is hoping to crack the top six at state. Senior Rachel Ford is seeded fourth in the 100 butterfly and the IM. Carlie Borchers is fourth in the 500 and seventh in the 200. Ashley Doll is sixth in the fly and the 50 free, with McKenzie Martin eighth.

Bismarck freshman Emma Hepper is seeded fifth in the back and 50 free. A.K. Koebele is seventh in the IM and eighth in breaststroke. Kristin Engberg is seventh in the 50.

Here is a list of the state qualifiers:


Minot 1:52.26. West Fargo 1:53.01. Fargo North 1:54.23. Century 1:54.74. Bismarck 1:56.61. Williston 1:58.90. Jamestown 2:00.25. Fargo South 2:00.35. Fargo Davies 2:01.00. Mandan 2:01.33. G.F. Central 2:01.72. G.F. Red River 2:02.12. Fargo Shanley 2:05.72. Wahpeton 2:11.06.


Ketti Ringwall, Wil, 1:57.56. Katie Svendson, GFC, 1:57.96. Alexis Ljunggren, GFC, 1:58.11. Hallie Peterson, WF, 1:59.26. Emma Hepper, Bis, 2:01.13. Leann Mengelkoch, FN, 2:01.42. Carlie Borchers, Man, 2:02.45. Maria Semenko, Wil, 2:05.73. Brianna Faul, WF, 2:05.87. Carley Rortvedt, WF, 2:05.99. Amy Warren, Cen, 2:06.03. Josie Gillund, Min, 2:06.37. Hailey Dempsey, Bis, 2:06.61. Gretchen Schreiner, GFRR, 2:08.56. Kyra Ekre, Cen, 2:08.95. Siri Berry, FD, 2:09.01. Andrea Lee, Shan, 2:09.25. Kayla White, WF, 2:09.89. Kori Hennebry, FD, 2:09.95. Jordan Hubbard, Min, 2:10.15.

Lauryn MacLeod, GFRR, 2:10.48. Kelby Anderson, Cen, 2:11.88. Alison Aberle, FD, 2:11.90. Natalie Simon, GFC, 2:12.16.


Ellie Roche, FN, 2:13.38. Danica Dutt, WF, 2:16.09. Maddie Derby, FN, 2:16.62. Rachel Ford, Man, 2:17.65. Sam Miller, Wil, 2:18.43. Tess Sether, Cen, 2:19.35. A.K. Koebele, Bis, 2:20.96. Sydney Clark, Min, 2:21.50. Anna Astrup, FN, 2:21.71. Abby Bourgois, Cen, 2:21.73. Vanessa Herrmann, Cen, 2:22.43. Nicole Brelie, GFC, 2:22.47. Andie Peterson, WF, 2:23.94. Sidni Kast, Min, 2:24.26. Sarah Bogenrief, Min, 2:25.78. Kate Astrup, FN, 2:25.89. Anna Aberle, FD, 2:26.94. McKaya Johnson, Min, 2:27.51. LaMae Turk, Jam, 2:28.15. Kaley Finstad, Bis, 2:28.68.

Katherine Murphy, GFC, 2:29.34. Kailey Donarski, WF, 2:29.53. Sarah Curtiss, Man, 2:29.94. Cassie Nelson, FD, 2:30.87. Lauren Ostlie, FS, 2:31.03. Makenzie Preston, WF, 2:31.05. Makyl Ziegler, Wah, 2:31.27. Abby Aberle, FD, 2:32.09. Gillian Dahl, FD, 2:32.67. Brianna Ashworth, Wil, 2:32.85. Lydia Hanna, FS, 2:33.47. Maddy Makeeff, Man, 2:33.54.


Emily Hamel, Min, 24.56. Francesca Walker-Rozo, Min, 24.88. Breah Anderson, FN, 25.06. Leann Mengelkoch, FN, 25.33. Mykin Gunning, WF, 25.34. Ashley Doll, Man, 25.49. Kristin Engberg, Bis, 25.66. McKenzie Martin, Man, 25.80. Julissa Johnson, WF, 25.89. Annie Hart, Jam, 26.02. Heather Glines, Wah, 26.06. Devin Scott, Min, 26.08. Nicole Jorde, GFRR, 26.12. Paige Peterson, Jam, 26.32. Kaitlyn Ekre, Cen, 26.51. Tara Puckett, FD, 26.65. Cora Riehl, WF, 26.70. Sophia Martinson, FS, 26.73. Anna Seibold, FN, 26.77. Paige Hennebry, FD, 26.84.

Olivia Bachmeier, FS, 26.91. Johanna Jones, WF, 26.95. Shannon Semenko, Wil, 27.07. Carly Palmer, Cen, 27.10. Madison Mandan, Jam, 27.12. Shayla Heger, Bis, 27.27. Tonya Haag, Man, 27.27. Jenny Allmer, Jam, 27.56. Krista Sauber, Man, 27.60. Alyssa Hodenfield, Wil, 27.64. Jenna Routledge, Min, 27.67. Laura Thompson, FS, 27.72. Kate Hixson, Bis, 27.77. Ally Nilles, GFC, 27.78. Ashley Blazek, FN, 27.91. Andrea Lee, Shan, 27.92. Emily Tsen, Shan, 27.95. Grace Geffre, FD, 27.98. Molly Sand, GFC, 28.00. Clara Burkman, FD, 28.04.

Sam Behm, GFRR, 28.06. Kathryn Weinmann, FS, 28.08.


Anna Reinholz, Shan, 453.80. Amy Anfinrud, Shan, 426.75. Lauren Gietzen, Cen, 415.10. Brittany Dixon, Shan, 399.75. Madi Remer, GFC, 388.20. Suzie Cox, Cen, 385.40. Jenny Nelson, Bis, 384.85. Kiara Bock, FD, 369.40. Claire Carlson, FS, 362.70. Dani Davis, WF, 362.35. Emmalee Stach, Min, 357.15. Shanalle Engen, Cen, 347.35. Morgan Gietzen, Cen, 344.70. Chantell Mindt, Man, 332.95. Savannah Fix, Min, 326.00. Sara Zachmeier, Man, 325.45. Morgan Mewes, Jam, 324.60. Erin Hillerud, Jam, 322.85. McKenna Quintus, Man, 321.95. Megan Osowski, FD, 317.65.

Maddie Bickel, Min, 317.55. Bethanie Pippin, Wil, 313.05. Maggie Ridley, Jam, 312.55. Darian Haug, Wil, 309.00. Paige Melby, Min, 298.45. Samantha Bussman, Man, 296.35. Kaelee Werder, FN, 288.55. Katie Olson, Wil, 285.15. Haley Pederson, WF, 284.15. Alma Conway, FN, 279.00. Peyton Ekman, Shan, 269.75. Vanessa Lewis, Wil, 267.25.


Danica Dutt, WF, 58.13. Francesca Walker-Rozo, Min, 58.14. Chelsea Brandt, FD, 1:02.08. Rachel Ford, Man, 58.13. Erin Slack, FN, 1:02.68. Mykin Gunning, WF, 1:02.74. Devin Scott, Min, 1:02.77. Anna Astrup, FN, 1:03.35. Tess Sether, Cen, 1:03.54. Siri Berry, FD, 1:03.87. Alexis Clark, Min, 1:04.05. Hailey Dempsey, Bis, 1:05.65. Marisol Rios, WF, 1:06.74. Shaelyn Mosher, GFC, 1:07.05. Sam Behm, GFRR, 1:07.07. Veronica Smith, FN, 1:07.41. Andrea Smith, WF, 1:07.50. LaMae Turk, Jam, 1:07.90. Tatiana Walker-Rozo, Min, 1:09.06. Hayley Smith, FS, 1:09.44.

Hannah Rathgeber, Wil, 1:09.63. Morgan Vareberg, FD, 1:09.64. Sydney Graf, FD, 1:09.68. Karlie Marler, Jam, 1:09.68. Katelyn Rising, Cen, 1:09.71. Lydia Hanna, FS, 1:10.20. Madie Uglem, FN, 1:10.21. Madisen Prasek, Jam, 1:10.55.


Dani Bergeson, Cen, 53.40. Ketti Ringwall, Wil, 54.50. Hallie Peterson, WF, 54.56. Breah Anderson, FN, 54.66. Emily Hamel, Min, 54.77. Ashley Doll, Man, 55.43. McKenzie Martin, Man, 55.74. Brianna Faul, WF, 56.87. Kaitlyn Ekre, Cen, 57.13. Anna Scheeler, FD, 57.64. Olivia Roche, FN, 57.79. Cora Riehl, WF, 57.98. Heather Glines, Wah, 58.76. Jordan Hubbard, Min, 59.01. Gretchen Schreiner, GFRR, 59.03. Madison Mandan, Jam, 59.24. Taylor Holweger, GFC, 59.27. Leah Grove, Wil, 59.63. Paige Peterson, Jam, 1:00.13. Anna Seibold, FN, 1:00.17.

Molly Sand, GFC, 1:00.20. Sophia Martinson, FS, 1:00.22. Kori Hennebry, FD, 1:00.33. Grace Geffre, FD, 1:00.42. Bailey Riehl, WF, 1:00.58. Shayla Heger, Bis, 1:00.82. Alyssa Hodenfield, Wil, 1:01.03. Karianne Himle, FD, 1:01.10. Camille Kawasaki, Jam, 1:01.11. Tonya Haag, Man, 1:01.18. Laura Thompson, FS, 1:01.28. Grace Werder, Cen, 1:01.34. Madisen Prasek, Jam, 1:01.50. Taylor Faul, Man, 1:01.59. Ashley Blazek, FN, 1:01.68.


Alexis Ljunggren, GFC, 5:09.13. Katie Svendson, GFC, 5:10.47. McKenna Brown 5:24:47. Carlie Borchers, Man, 5:31.59. Erin Slack, FN, 5:34.08. Emily Bourassa, WF, 5:34.54. Josie Gillund, Min, 5:36.25. Amy Warren, Cen, 5:38.52. Maria Semenko, Wil, 5:40.31. Carley Rortvedt, WF, 5:40.33. Kayla White, WF, 5:40.61. JaeLyn Lardy, WF, 5:40.84. Alexis Clark, Min, 5:41.14. Corrine Dahlquist, GFC, 5:41.38. Natalie Simon, GFC, 5:43.80. Paige Hennebry, FD, 5:43.97. Kyra Ekre, Cen, 5:44.35. Kelby Anderson, Cen, 5:44.75. Lauryn MacLeod, GFRR, 5:45.12. Andrea Lee, Shan, 5:47.10.

Maddie Lares, Cen, 5:50.92. Alison Aberle, FD, 5:54.67. Veronica Smith, FN, 5:55.07. Morgan Vareberg, FD, 5:56.59. Sarah Curtiss, Man, 5:58.05. Ashlee Shafer, Jam, 5:58.90. Gabi Haroldson, Man, 5:59.35. Jessica Harter, FD, 5:59.74. Lauren Zachariason, FN, 6:02.08.


West Fargo 1:41.50. Minot 1:41.77. Mandan 1:42.05. Fargo North 1:42.14. Century 1:45.08. Williston, 1:45.73. G.F. Central 1:46.13. Fargo Davies 1:47.46. Jamestown 1:47.87. Bismarck 1:48.56. G.F. Red River 1:49.57. Fargo South 1:50.59. Fargo Shanley 1:54.85. Wahpeton 1:58.79.


Dani Bergeson, Cen, 58.31. Maddie Derby, FN, 1:01.16. Annie Hart, Jam, 1:01.50. McKenna Brown, Min, 1:02.31. Emma Hepper, Bis, 1:02.69. Abby Bourgois, Cen, 1:04.46. Sydney Clark, Min, 1:04.74. Kate Astrup, FN, 1:04.89. Taylor Laufenberg, WF, 1:05.32. Olivia Roche, FN, 1:05.76. Nicole Jorde, GFRR, 1:05.99. Julissa Johnson, WF, 1:06.94. Makyl Ziegler, Wah, 1:06.95. Katelyn Rising, Cen, 1:07.29. Sydney Graf, FD, 1:07.54. Shannon Semenko, Wil, 1:07.65. Marisol Rios, WF, 1:07.70. Brianna Johnson, Jam, 1:07.86. Chelsea Brandt, FD, 1:07.93. Leah Grove, Wil, 1:08.03.

Olivia Bachmeier, FS, 1:08.28. Katherine Murphy, GFC, 1:08.32. Briana Rittenbach, Cen, 1:08.41. Kaley Finstad, Bis, 1:08.51. Maddy Makeef, Man, 1:08.78. Jenna Routledge, Min, 1:09.26. Andrea Smith, WF, 1:09.30. Emily Tsen, Shan, 1:09.37. Camille Kawasaki, Jam, 1:09.70. Taylor Faul, Man, 1:09.80. Madison Wical, FD, 1:10.07.


Ellie Roche, FN, 1:09.31. Sarah Bogenrief, Min, 1:09.99. Katie Tkachyk, Wil, 1:10.50. Sam Miller, Wil, 1:10.89. Vanessa Herrmann, Cen, 1:11.22. Andie Peterson, WF, 1:11.66. Nicole Brelie, GFC, 1:12.87. A.K. Koebele, Bis, 1:13.02. Emily Bourassa, WF, 1:13.25. Krista Dewald, Shan, 1:13.40. Anna Scheeler, FD, 1:13.60. Kristin Engberg, Bis, 1:13.89. Taylor Holweger, GFC, 1:14.16. Shaelyn Mosher, GFC, 1:14.23. McKaya Johnson, Min, 1:15.05. Jenna Booth, FS, 1:15.34. Sidni Kast, Min, 1:15.44. Carly Palmer, Cen, 1:15.51. Amanda St. Aubin, WF, 1:16.02. Anna Aberle, FD, 1:16.13.

Lauren Ostlie, FS, 1:16.60. Kaitlin Watson, GFRR, 1:17.55. Kacie Iverson, FS, 1:18.13. Corrine Dahlquist, GFC, 1:18.30. Brianna Ashworth, Wil, 1:18.38. Taysha Zeeb, Bis, 1:18.49. Winter Martin, WF, 1:18.63. Harper Wavra, Cen, 1:19.01. Sophia Munns, Man, 1:19.09. Alyssa Ege, FD, 1:19.30. Isabell Dabbert, Shan, 1:19.38. Hanna Hoglund, Wil, 1:19.04. Cassie Nelson, FD, 1:19.61. Taylor Bradley, Jam, 1:19.84.


West Fargo 3:37.82. Fargo North 3:38.49. Mandan 3:41.72. Century 3:47.77. Minot 3:48.64. Williston 3:49.33. G.F. Central 3:52.16. G.F. Red River 3:57.27. Fargo Davies 3:57.96. Bismarck 3:59.19. Jamestown 4:05.15. Fargo South 4:11.32. Fargo Shanley 4:20.73.

From: http://bismarcktribune.com/sports/high-school/d62a0330-4da3-11e3-a95c-0019bb2963f4.html

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