Top Kent youngsters will be mentored by the hurdler and 16-year-old Folkestone pole-vaulter Ellie Gooding – who won the special award at KRN Media’s Sports Awards in November – has been chosen by Green to come on board.

Green, speaking from his training camp in South Africa, said: “Green Machine Sport is a support network for young talented athletes in Kent who I handpick to help.

“We provide the opportunities and resources for young athletes to succeed. We put on monthly seminars – the first will be later this month – offer discounts, products, media exposure and they get mentoring with me.

“I wanted to do this at the end of my career but with London 2012 and this ‘legacy’ everyone is talking about, I thought I’d start now.

“Ellie is part of the programme and that’s how she will receive the mentoring.”

Gooding, who attends Folkestone School for Girls, is ranked first in the UK for U17s pole vault and is set for a busy season.

She said: “Working with Jack is such a pleasure because he is so experienced and has been through what I have.

“He understands how I feel and what situations I’m going through and I am honoured he came to me and asked me to be in his Green Machine talent group. It gives me confidence knowing he believes I can do well.

“Jack is helping me get publicity and new kit and equipment to get better.

“It helps me a lot with my training and it gives me a lot of confidence in myself.

“He has already helped me so much and given me some really good advice.

“I couldn’t ask for a better mentor.”


Gooding Vaulter Magazine
Gooding Vaulter Magazine

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