Guidelines for Submitting an Article to Vaulter Magazine

Vaulter Magazine is always on the lookout for exceptional stories about pole vaulting and its athletes. If you have a story about a pole vaulter that you believe deserves to be shared with the world, here are the steps you need to follow to submit an article to Vaulter Magazine.

Step 1: Take an Outstanding Picture of Your Athlete

The first step in submitting an article to Vaulter Magazine is to take a great photo of your athlete. This photo can either be a stationary image or a dynamic shot of your athlete in action. The image should be high-quality, with excellent lighting and composition.

Step 2: Write Your Article

Next, write a compelling article about your athlete’s significant achievement. Be sure to include the date and location of the event, their previous personal record, and their new personal record or winning height. If there is already an article published online that features your athlete, include the link in your submission and add your image if necessary. If the article you are submitting does not provide sufficient information, add additional notes to your write-up.

Step 3: Submit Your Information to Vaulter Magazine

When you have completed your article and have a high-quality image, it’s time to submit your information to Vaulter Magazine. Please send your submission to with all the necessary information, including the correct date, location, and personal record information of the athlete. If any essential information is missing, your article may not be posted.

Additionally, it is important to note that Vaulter Magazine accepts all articles that are relevant and pertain to the sport of pole vaulting. If you have more articles about your athlete that you would like to see published, please feel free to send them over. We are always on the lookout for exciting stories about pole vaulting and its athletes, and we would be thrilled to feature more stories about your athlete in the future.

Submitting an article to Vaulter Magazine is easy, as long as you follow these simple steps. With an excellent image and a compelling article, you could help shine a spotlight on a deserving pole vaulter and their achievements.

By Doug Bouma – Vaulter Magazine –

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