12/14/12  Grand Valley State-Laker Turf Building Allendale, MI

1 1 Myers, Bret JR-3 Grand Valley St. 4.47m
2 2 Lohner, Adam SO-2 Aquinas 4.47m
3 3 Olszewski, Andrew SO-2 Grand Valley St. 4.32m
4 3 Norton, Logan SO-2 Cornerstone 4.32m
5 5 Elbers, Jake JR-3 Grand Valley St. 4.32m
6 5 Horner, Jeremy SO-2 Grand Valley St. 4.32m


1 1 Hixson, Kristen JR-3 Grand Valley St. 3.79m
2 2 Dorko, Alicia JR-3 Aquinas 3.64m
3 3 Williams, Jacqueline SO-2 Grand Valley St. 3.34m
4 4 Faulkner, Caley JR-3 Grand Valley St. 3.34m
5 5 Bice, Whitney FR-1 Grand Valley St. 3.19m
6 6 Rietsema, Marika SO-2 Aquinas 3.04m
7 6 Nauseda, Krista FR-1 Grand Valley St. 3.04m
8 6 Kitz, Alexandra FR-1 Grand Valley St. 3.04m
9 6 Schorank, Jennifer SO-2 Grand Valley St. 3.04m
10 10 Sarros, Emily JR-3 Aquinas 2.74m

from: http://www.directathletics.com/results/track/26964_1696636.html

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