Happy Cares of Elena Isinbaeva

Two-times Olympic Champion, many times World Champion and World Record Holder in Pole Vault gave an exclusive interview to and told about her new role in life and how she copes with being a Mum and also about her plans for the future.

In Elena’s flat in Monaco everything seems to be in the right place – Trophies, Cups, winners’ photos, but from the very first minute it is clear that the Queen of that house is not Elena any more but a little girl named Eva. Next to the Trophies there are toys, baby bottles, baby’s dummies and other “property” of the new family member, and everything in the flat is in perfect order. Elena radiates happiness and love to her daughter.

“Cute, isn’t she?, asks Elena kissing a baby, “ I still cannot believe that this marvel is mine! Sometimes I am so overwhelmed with emotions that I cannot cope with myself.” (laughing).


– Easy. On 27 June in the evening I felt labour pains and my husband took me to Princess Grace Hospital in Monaco, the doctors checked everything and said that those were false labour pains but did not allow me to go home, made an injection, and I fell asleep. And in 24 hours I gave birth to my daughter Eva. According to Apgar score (after a baby is born, doctors calculate his/her Apgar score. The score rates a baby’s appearance, pulse, responsiveness, muscle activity and breathing. The numbers are totalled, and 10 is considered a perfect score) my baby got 10 points – the highest possible score. I asked the doctors: “You calculated score 10 because I am Isinbaeva?”(laughing). The doctors confirmed that Eva’s scores were really that high.

– How do you cope with everything without any assistance?

– I have been dreaming about a daughter for such a long time that I cannot even imagine that I can trustmy child toanyone outside the family, so, up to now we are coping ourselves. My family is big and friendly and everyone is helping – my relatives come one after another, by visa rules they cannot stay longer than 90 days in EU, so they “work on a rotational basis”. In September I was alone with Eva for three weeks but we managed. Eva is a very good child, and when her Mum needs to do something she can entertain herself: play with her toys, look around.

– What do you feed your baby with?

– Up to now it is only breast-feeding, that is why I have to control the food that I take. I do not take chocolate and other products that might do harm to my beloved daughter. In the morning I always take some dairy products, we go to cafes every day, and I also cook soup. I would like to breastfeed her up to age of 6 months minimum and then I will add some vegetable purees and everything that is needed at that age. I do not think that infant milk formulas are good for a baby that is why I will try to avoid using them.

– You are in a very good shape. What did you do to reach that result so quickly?

– Well, first of all, as I said I control nutrition. Secondly, every morning starts for me with washing the floors in the flat because the baby should stay in a clean flat, we even took away the carpet to avoid allergic reactions. Thirdly, the weather is ideal here and I walk a lot with my daughter travelling in a pram, so I managed to get back in shape quickly.

– When do you plan to start training?

– My coach Evgeny Trofimov sent me the training plan up to the Olympic Games in Rio. But right now all my time is dedicated to Eva and everything will depend on her state. We are coming back to Volgograd soon. My husband and I decided that we will come back to Volgograd when the baby is 3 months old. When we are back I plan to start some basic warm ups but it goes without saying that I will not train seriously while I am breastfeeding Eva. Of course I would really like to win my third Olympic gold and I will do my best for it but my daughter’s health is above all. She is my biggest victory in life!



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