South Western senior Erin Harman keeps soaring to new heights.

Harman set the school record in the pole vault on Tuesday afternoon as South Western swept the girls’ and boys’ dual track meet against division rival Spring Grove at the Mustang Corral.

The girls won, 111-38, and the boys won, 107-43, but the real story was Harman.

Harman placed first in all four events she competed in, including the pole vault, where she jumped 11 feet, 6 inches, besting the school record she set last year by three inches.

“I got a new pole at practice yesterday, and I’ve been hitting higher heights,” Harman said. “With the warm weather, I knew it was going to be a good day.”

Harman also placed first in the triple jump and long jump, and teamed with Maddie Myers, Maggie Smith and Katie Snyder to win the 1,600 relay.

Harman nearly set a personal record in the triple jump, where she landed a jump of 36-6¾.

“Every jump just kept getting better and better,” Harman said.

Steph Shaw and Lynne Mooradian each placed first in three events for the Mustangs.

“Even though they are underclassmen, we expect them to do that,” South Western head coach Bruce Lee said. “We put them out there and expect them to go hammer. They want to be good.”

The Mustangs had 14 girls place in multiple events.

“We’re capable of having good kids 2-3 deep in a lot of events,” Lee said.

Samantha Bollinger placed in three events for the Rockets.

In the boys’ meet, Ryan Krebs started things off right for South Western by heaving the javelin 155-11, more than 20 feet further than second-place finisher Brandon McMinn.

“That’s a nice throw this time of year, especially with the weather conditions,” Lee said. “We’ve been forced to do more drill, drill, drill, because high school kids tend to throw too much.”

Ben Schott placed first in the 1,600, 3,200 and 3,200 relay.

Spring Grove and South Western runners compete in the boys’ 1,600-meter run during Tuesday’s meet. The Mustangs’ Ben Schott won the event. (Clare Becker —

The Mustangs won the relay by 3.5 seconds with Schott running fourth and posting an individual time of 2:12.5. South Western leadoff man Skylar Hunsinger posted the best time in the relay at 2:12.4.

Schott led the most of the way in the 1,600 but was caught and passed by Spring Grove’s Justin Culp with less than a quarter of the last lap left. Schott, however, stabilized and passed Culp before the finish line, winning by 1.1 seconds.

Spring Grove was paced by Shay Fulmer, who won the 100, 200 and was part of the winning 400 relay.

After clipping Logan Bowman by a tenth of a second in the 100, Fulmer ran last for Spring Grove in the 400 relay. After taking the handoff from Logan Hagerman parallel to South Western’s Brandon McMinn, Fulmer exploded down the home stretch to win by an easy margin in what had been a close race.

“I don’t like to lose,” Fulmer said.

Fulmer won the 200 by 1.2 seconds over South Western’s Hunter Palmer.

“I love running the curve,” Fulmer said. “Once I hit the second curve, I push through. When I hear footsteps, it makes me run faster.”

“South Western is a class program,” Spring Grove head coach Scott Govern said, “and they are where we are trying to get to. It helps when you have guys like (Fulmer).”


South Western 107, Spring Grove 43 at South Western

3,200 relay — 1. South Western (Skylar Hunsinger, Brett Hertzog, Houston Smith, Ben Schott), 9:03.40; 110 hurdles — 1. Chris Steckel, SW, 17.20, 2. Jason Cavanaugh, SG, 3. Brandon Miller, SW; 100 — 1. Shay Fulmer, SG, 11.20, 2. Logan Bowman, SW, 3. Logan Hagerman, SG; 1,600 — 1. Schott, SW, 4:51, 2. Justin Culp, SG, 3. Jordan Maldenold, SG; 400 relay — 1 Spring Grove (Justin Johnson, Devin Whorley, Logan Hagerman, Shay Fulmer), 45.90; 400 — 1. Brady Thayer, SW, 53.80, 2. James Pinlel, SW, 3. Ian Slevin, SG; 300 hurdles — 1. Bowman, SW, 42.0, 2. Cavanaugh, SG, 3. Johnson, SG; 800 — 1. Hunsinger, SW, 2:14.50, 2. Jake VanCampen, SW, 3. Ben Smiht, SG, ; 200 — 1. Fulmer, SG, 23.10, 2. Hunter Palmer, SW, 3. Hagerman, SG; 3,200 — 1. Schott, SW, 10:50.60, 2. Maldenold. SG, 3. Culp, SG; 1,600 relay — 1. Spring Grove (Johnshon, Whorley, Slevin, Hagerman), 3:52.70 ; Shot put — 1. Rick Bosse, SW, 42-4 3/4, 2. Matt Helwig, SW, 3. Josh Walker, SW; Discus — 1. Walker, SW, 104-6, 2. Ryan Krebs, SW, 3. Josh Zeruth, SW; Triple jump — 1. Isaiah Roach, SW, 39-11, 2. Palmer, SW, 3. Fuhrman, SW;Long jump — 1. Thayer, SW, 20-1 1/4, 2. Palmer, SW, 3. Tanner Fuhrman, SW ; High jump —1. Roach, SW, 5-8, 2. Fuhrman, SW, 3. Adam Warehime, SG; Pole vault — 1. Cory Stanton, 11-0, 2. Jacob Bowman, SG, 3. Jonas Walter, SW; Javelin — 1. Krebs, SW 155-11, 2. Brandon McMinn, SW, 3. Walker, SW.


South Western 111, Spring Grove 38 at South Western

3,200 relay — 1. South Western (Taylor Gough, Jessica Sillyman, Jacey Shipley, Lauren Gough), 11:09.50; 100 hurdles — 1. Steph Shaw, SW, 16.30, 2. Maddy Swanner, SW, 3. Zoey Stauffer, SG; 100 — 1. Lynne Mooradian SW, 12.70, 2. MaKenzie Wall, SG, 3. Amore Coleman, SW; 1,600 — 1. Abby Market, SG, 6:01.80, 2. Alyssa King, SW, 3. Sillyman, SW; 400 relay — 1. South Western (Swanner, Wall, Coelman, Mooradian), 50.0; 400 — 1. Mooradian, SW, 1:03.50, 2. Gough. SW, 3. Bryanna Brown, SW; 300 hurdles — 1. Shaw, SW, 49.90, 2. Swanner, SW, 3. Stauffer, SG; 800 — 1. Gough, SW, 2:51.2, 2. King, SW, 3. Alyssa Godman, SG; 200 — 1. Wall, SW, 28.10, 2. Coleman, SW, 3. Kayala Yost, SG; 3,200 — 1. Market, SG, 13:37.20, 2. Godman, SG; 1,600 relay — 1. South Western (Erin Harman, Maddie Myers, Maggie Smith, Katie Snyder), 4:53.80; Shot put — 1. Katie Kovacevic, SG, 32-10, 2. Holly Arey, SW, 3. Jazmin Walker, SW; Discus — 1. Arey, SW, 106-6, 2. Jessica Shultz, SG, 3. Leah Crume, SW; Triple jump — 1. Erin Harman, SW, 36-6 1/4, 2. Tamirra Roach, SW, 3. Gough, SW; Long jump — 1. Harman, SW, 16-6 1/2 , 2. Gough, SW, 3. Roach, SW; High jump — 1. Shaw, SW, 4-8, 2. Lydia Kline, SG, 3. Samantha Bollinger, SG; Pole vault — 1. Harmin, SW, 11-6, 2. Bollinger, SG, 3. Nathalie Elliot, SG; Javelin — 1. Bollinger, SG, 99-9, 2. Crume, SW, 3. Walker, SW.




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