He started in high school 7 decades ago. Now this 85-year-old from Lebanon is one of the world’s best.

From his career in the U.S. Air Force to his pole vaulting success, Bob Arledge has soared high during his 85 years.

Arledge, a resident of the Otterbein Senior Life Community in Lebanon, has won multiple state, national and international medals at the Senior Olympic level.

The current world champion, crowned last September in Malaga, Spain, remains at the top of his game through a rigorous training and diet regimen, but he still finds true enjoyment to this dedication and that’s what keeps him going, he said.

“Exercise is probably one of the better medicines a senior citizen can take, but most people don’t do it,” Arledge said. “It lowers your blood pressure, improves your cardiovascular system, makes you stronger, makes you sleep better.”

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