Healthy Jenn Suhr Clears 5.00m in Return to Pole Vault

After battling a severe illness in Rio de Janeiro, Jenn Suhr made her return to the pole vault on Saturday by clearing 5.00m, just 0.03m lower than her all-time best mark.

At a gym filled with 1,500 people in Suhr’s hometown of Fredonia, New York, she cleared 5.00m. Her clearance on Saturday is above the gold medal-winning height of 4.85m set by Ekaterini Stefanidi. Unfortunately, Suhr was sick during the Olympic final over a month ago and was unable to perform to the best of her ability.

According to local reports, Suhr’s husband and coach Rick says she contracted a respiratory infection which began on August 11, one week before the Olympic pole vault final. By the day of the final, her health had declined to the point where she was coughing up blood. Despite the unexpected illness, Suhr still fought to finish seventh in Rio.


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