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general question

Yes. You can subscribe to have a custom copy of the magazine sent to your door monthly. Because we have less then 5k subscribers the magazine is very costly to make. Our magazines are made to order at the time of purchase through an outside firm. Please allow a couple days for this item to be made and then sent out. Currently the cost for the magazines are $15.00 each per month.

Yes. You can read our magazine for FREE each month by clicking on the current copy on the front page of the website.

Yes. Vaulter Magazine has a wide arrangement of items for sale in their online store. You can find your child in our magazine, posters, calendars and more by clicking the "Store" link in the menu.

Yes. We love when you submit an image of your pole vaulter. If we really like the image we will put it in the magazine. We also post them on Facebook, Instagram and our website for coverage. Your best bet is to load the image in a post via Instagram and the image or video will be loaded from there.

You can send us a link to your video via Facebook and Instagram with content text and names, and we will get it posted. We will post the video to our site and social media as soon as possible. Please make sure the video quality is top notch and ready for posting.

Great! We love when your pole vaulter reaches the news in your home town or in a global atmosphere. Please send us the URL to the website where you saw the link via our contact page. We will have it posted asap to our website.

Great question! If you have news or information we need a few items to get it posted.  One thing that we need is a large sized image and text for the article.  You can submit each of these items via email at vaultermag@gmail.com. If something isn't written about your athlete in the papers, then let's get it posted here! Give your athlete the recognition they deserve on their big day.

** Please note that this is not for advertising and we will scrutinize your posting. We know a good advertisement when we read one. **

You can reach thousands of readers per day on our website, not to mention some of the pole vault purest that read our information. If you would like to advertise please contact us and we will get you pointed in the right direction.

Some of the best colleges and Universities in the world have graced our covers of the magazine. The process is easier then you would think.  We don't travel to each and every college that makes it on the cover. Although we do travel to some and make the experience happen. If you would like to be on the cover, talk with your coach and gather a few items to make the process easier. Contact us for more information and how to apply.

We fill the magazine each month rather quickly. With this said, it would be best if you act quickly and get the images and information together to make the cover. We want a robust and enthusiastic cover shot of your team. So think ahead and let us know what you have planned to make it on our cover.

VAULTER Club is located in Menifee, California just north of the San Diego county line.  The club offers pole vaulting and pole vault gymnastics at a affordable rate. Vaulter Club trains at the Vaulter Magazine Training Facility with Olympic Level Gear and two Olympic Sized pits. <a href="http://vaulter.club">CLICK HERE</a> to see what VAULTER Club has to offer your pole vaulters in the area.