High School Track & Field: Staten Islanders excel in the PSAL Night at the Sprints

Mckee/S.I. Tech’s Jessica Szela was an easy winner in the invitational 1,500-meter race walk in the PSAL Night at the Sprints meet, crossing the finish line in an uncontested time of 7 minutes, 36.04 seconds Friday night at the New Balance Armory Track and Field Center, in Manhattan.

Szela, the Island record holder (7:29.71), trailed eventual silver medalist Sophia Mahin of Townsend Harris for two laps on the 200 meter oval before taking charge and never relinquishing the lead. Mahin fell off pace after 800 meters and finished in 7:55.35. Stuyvesant’s Luo Qi Kong was third in 8:11.52.

Teammate Sarah Tress also walked into the winner’s circle, taking the pole vault on fewer misses over Szela with a measure of 7 feet, 6 inches.

In the freshman shot put, New Dorp’s Dadrian Givans (23-0.25) and Susan Wagner’s Lucresse J. Tato (20-5.25) finished first and second, respectively.

PSAL Night at the Sprints

New Balance Armory Track & Field Center, Manhattan

All race distances in meters


300: Allison Rerick (MSIT), 46.3; Sarah Tress (MSIT), 48.00; Monica Huzinec (MSIT), 48.44; Lola Idowu (MSIT), 49.64; Maggie Fox (MSIT), 49.78; Winnie Liang (MSIT), 50.2; Suzanna Capric (MSIT), 51.92; Mary Athanasopoulos (MSIT), 51.95; Jasmine Yu (MSIT), 54.2; Brianna Comuniello (MSIT), 54.2; Olivia Morgan 55.0; Melissa Gallo 55.1; Victoria Wuensch 56.32; Michelle Huang (MSIT), 1:00.5; Amy Chen (MSIT), 1:00.6.

1,500 WALK: 1. Jessica Szela (MSIT), 7:36.04.

POLE VAULT: 1. Tress (MSIT), 7-6; 2. Szela (MSIT), 7-6; Fox (MSIT), 6-6.

TRIPLE JUMP: Idowu (MSIT), 27-6.


300: Emily Murray (MSIT), 50.46; Madha Nawal (MSIT), 50.78; Erica Selznick (MSIT), 51.54; Tamar Razmadze (MSIT), 51.59; Stella Chung (MSIT), 53.10; Gianna Marchisella (MSIT), 53.16; Carly Berntsen (MSIT), 53.87; Natalie Williams (MSIT), 55.74; Sheryl Chen (MSIT), 57.53; Stephanie Lee (MSIT), 59.80.

SHOT PUT (4-kilograms): 1. Dadrian Givans (ND), 23-0.25; 2. Lucresse J. Tato (SW), 20-5.25.






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