Holly Bleasdale is gearing up for 2014 season

After a long six months of rest, recovery and rehab trying to nurse my injuries, I’m fully injury free and back doing the thing I love the most…pole vaulting.

Training has been going really well. It seems resting and re-building the body, working on weak areas and using visualization training through an injury makes you a better athlete – well it happened that way for me anyway.

I’m currently in full training; fitter, stronger, faster and technical better than I ever have been.

I’m really excited now to get back competing in the 2014 indoor season. I’m starting my season with one of my favorite places to jump in France. On 14 December I will be doing a small meeting in Lyon for a preparation competition to assess where I am with my training and fine tune areas needed to improve before the indoor season.

I will be heading out to South Africa on 2 January with my coach and training group for a small block of training. I’m really looking forward to getting some good training in a warm climate and visiting somewhere I’ve never been before.

I think the highlight of the last couple of months has been finishing a hard training session and them coming home to endless Sky Movies, lying horizontal on my sofa. This is the best form of recovery.



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