Hornet Pole Vaulter Eyes All-Time School Record

In a meet that went right down to the wire, Honesdale’s boys track & field team posted its first win of the season Tuesday at Western Wayne.

Thanks in large part to a clutch performance from David Galinski, the Hornets held on for a 76-74 victory over the host Wildcats.

Galinski, a junior pole vaulter, posted a brand new personal best and very nearly broke the school’s all time record in the process.

“David is doing a great job for us this year,” said Coach Mike Jurkowski.

“He’s working very hard and getting better all the time. I think it’s a pretty good bet that David will get the record this year or early next year.”

With this win, Honesdale improved its Lackawanna League mark to 1-3. Weather permitting, the Hornets will be back in action Monday afternoon against North Pocono.

That Division Two battle is slated for 4:15 p.m. at the HHS Athletic Complex.

Esoteric Art

Pole vaulting is one of the more esoteric events in track & field.

While sprinters, throwers and jumpers usually attract the most attention, pole vaulters are lucky to see a handful of fans in their distant corner of the complex.

Such was the case Tuesday evening at Sharkey Rosetti Memorial Stadium as Honesdale and Western Wayne battled it out.

Galinski sat calmly on the sidelines as his younger teammates and Wildcat opponents took turns at lower heights. With the field finally thinned out, David took his first turn at 10 feet and took off from there.

Not surprisingly, it wasn’t long before Galinski was the last vaulter still alive.

He cleared 11 feet and 12 feet, then sailed over the bar at 12′ 1″ for a personal best. With that one in the books, David set his sights on a new Hornet record.

Brian Grandjean, Michael Terwilliger and Carl Jurkowski currently share the all-time school mark at 12′ 6″, which was last equaled in 2011.

“Some days you just really feel good and today was one of those days,” David said. “I was pretty sure I could get a PR today and I did. After that, I just concentrated on going for the record.”

Galinski didn’t displace his three predecessors on this particular day. He had to settle for that personal best, a gold medal and a clean sweep of the event.

David finished first at 12′ 6″, followed by teammates Kremapsky and McCarthy.

As it turned out, those points would prove crucial in the big picture.


Galinski Vaulter Magazine
Galinski Vaulter Magazine

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