How To Stay Healthy In Summers?

Summers are around the corner guys and time to bring out those cotton clothes and sipping on some coconut water and licking those yummy ice-creams. In summer season we usually face a lot of trouble from excessive sweating. Summers also mean vacationing to hill-stations and beaches, pool parties, lazing around with friends and long vacations for kids. Summers can be quite an enjoyable time for many if you have planned a cool vacation, if not, we’ll save you. As you know summers can be quite an irritating season with the extreme heat on the plains. People suffer from sun strokes, exhaustion, sunburns, sun tans and skin rashes. Summers make you tired very easily with buckets of perspiration and you feel drained out and dehydrated. Here are some simple tips you can do for yourself and your child to bay off the summer heat.

Diet tips during summer:


Keep yourself hydrated:

Since you are perspiring a lot in summer and in the process you lose all the fluid content in your body; therefore keep yourself hydrated as long as you stay awake. Drink lots of water. And if you get bored with drinking only water, squeeze out a few drops of lime into your water and have it. Or even better opt for coconut water or nariyal pani as we commonly say. Nutritious and thirst quenching.
i. Whenever you go out in the sun, carry a bottle of water mixed with a few drops of lime juice, a pinch of salt and a spoonful of sugar. Drink this water occasionally. It will save you from the extreme heat.
ii. Even when you are filling up your child’s water bottle, give him two bottles, one filled with water and the other either with nimbu pani or coconut water.
iii. Avoid tea and coffee during summer days. They are bound to increase your body temperature. Instead have a cup of soothing green tea.
iv. Buttermilk or chaas as commonly called is another good option.


Summer fruits:

Summers are the time for some exotic fruits. During summers choose fruits that are high in water content so as to keep you hydrated from within. Tough in summers, we mainly depend on water melons for their high water content, the other fruits you may try out this summer are litchi, apple, mangoes, berries, grapes and bananas. These fruits are all high in vitamins and have cooling properties from within. Have it whole or you may also prepare some interesting mocktails out of them.
Don’t forget cucumbers. Besides having a cooling effect on your skin, eating them as salad also helps in digestion and reducing body heat.


Watery vegetables:

By any means you need to keep the water content in your body intact during summers. Whenever you go vegetable shopping this summer, aim to pick up those high in water content. Fill your basket with lots of carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, lettuce, pumpkins and cabbage. Besides providing you with lot of nutrition, they also keep you hydrated from within regulating your body temperature. Prepare a veggie salad along with your meals.

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