How To Stretch Prior To Squat Exercises

Or, if you are just starting to get back in to an exercise regimen, this is the way to start. Squatting is an excellent exercise as it helps build and coordinate some of your major muscles.

So, if you are just getting started doing this Squat Stretching Exercise will help you maintain your balance, while getting some good stretching in.

To start this Squat Stretching Exercise stand holding on to a stable pole, such as one of the weight machines or a door jamb (if at home), slowly Squat until your backend is as close to the ground as possible.

*Important* Please do this exercise SLOWLY, as your muscles are not used to this exercise (if just getting started), and if you have been lifting for any time, still perform this stretch slowly as to insure you are warmed up for when you do add weight.

When you have reached the bottom of your Squat Stretching Exercise hold this position for a count of ten, then rise up and repeat. 10 repetitions is a good number to start with.

For the more advanced shift your body weight slightly from one leg to the other, alternating for each repetition.

The Squat Stretching Exercise is excellent for stretching the Adductor muscles, muscles important in tilting your body and your balance.

Benefits of Squat Stretching Exercises:

  1. Help increase flexibility to the legs, particularly the inner thighs
  2. Help increase circulation throughout the legs
  3. Help increase your leg strength and balance
  4. Warms up your leg muscles in preparation of leg exercises
  5. Assists in the loosening up of the leg muscles after exercises to help prevent residual soreness



Squat-Stretch- Vaulter Magazine
Squat-Stretch- Vaulter Magazine

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