Hurford’s Pole Vault Camp Showcasing Best Vaulters in State

EAST HELENA –Saturday in East Helena Helena High Bengals pole vault coach Bill Hurford put on his annual pole vault camp for kids from all over Montana as well as Idaho and Nevada. This year’s camp had 30 kids who someday might be state champs. Bill’s camp has produced the Class AA boys and girls pole vault state champions for the past five years. But aside from learning from Bill and former olympic pole vault coach Rick Baggett, the kids also learn from each other

“You just gain a different perspective,” said Helena senior pole vaulter Madison McLaughlin. “I mean every person can catch something else. Bill can only catch so much at a time. Everyone tries to help each other and catch each other’s step. So that’s nice.”

“There’s some things that you really want help on, and you don’t really know how to fix them, so you can come to camps like these and be taught how to do them right,” said Conrad sophomore pole vaulter Kale Larson.


East Helena Helena High

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