“I had to get the gold Marianna!”

Stella-Iro Ledaki impresses not only with its beautiful appearance, but also with the statements. The Kritikopoula climbed the highest step of the podium at the Mediterranean Games held in Mersin pole vault. And she did so impressively passing all jump at the first attempt, reaching 4.50 meters, could not any rivals and reached the gold medal. But the first place was not only the objective for participating in this great event. When we asked for the victory of the Mediterranean, the award and the playing of our national anthem being Mersin said.

“My coach Fotis Stefani had a silver medal at the Mediterranean Games, he had conquered the athlete Marianna (pp Zachariadi). I had to take the gold for him and especially for her, “says obviously moved the Greek champions. “I felt good at the time of award, because beyond the feelings you have, you know that they are rewarded and your efforts. However, gold for me was a response of an educated and militant Greek … in Turkish athlete, who was ensign of his country and called Greeks dogs … “says 25achroni Kritikopoula.

But after the success, but also with the way you came in gold Stella-Iro Ledaki has set the bar high for the sequel.

– What do we expect from here on Stella?

“To have health first and foremost. The truth is that afflicted this year by many viruses. I think if everything goes well, without limitation, can escape jumps over 4.50 meters. It’s a matter of time I can go higher and Eliza to come to this World Championships in Moscow I will give it my best shot, “says the jumper of Eleftherios Venizelos, who with her 4.50m. equaled the individual’s record and then tried to 4.61m., which was the high threshold for the World and made three unsuccessful. Showed, however, that is the next level that can be passed soon. Of course this can only be done through games.

Stella what is your plan from here?

“The Universiade will try to block someone mitingk abroad, National Championships and the first God in the World Championship,” concluded the young jumper.

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Stella-Iro Ledaki Vaulter Magazine
Stella-Iro Ledaki Vaulter Magazine

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