IAAF World Indoor Championships Portland 2016

Each day, often in rain and occasionally shine, Portland’s waterfront is filled with runners. Just north of Eugene, aka TrackTown USA, Portland is a city that loves outdoor activity — hiking, kayaking, bicycling, and of course, running. When hundreds of international track and field athletes, coaches and fans fill our city for the IAAF World Indoor Championships in March 2016, they’re sure to feel at home in our outdoor, athletic and fitness culture. Not only will this international event be a boon for Portland’s economy, but it will also be an opportunity for Portlanders to immerse themselves in the sport we love. In addition to ticketed events, some competitions and the awards ceremonies will be free, ensuring all Portlanders have the opportunity to participate. And, with Portland City Council’s $2 million investment, the world’s top athletes will host activities for local youth.Portland is eagerly watching the countdown clock in Pioneer Courthouse Square, excited to welcome the world and cheer on our favorite athletes. See you in March, Portland 2016!

On each day of the championships – which is being held in the U.S. for the first time in nearly 30 years, and only the second time in history – a free Fan Festival will be held at Pioneer Courthouse Square. Affectionately known as Portland’s “living room,” the Square is located in the heart of downtown Portland, where it is visited by thousands of shoppers, workers, tourists and others every day. During the meet, community members of all ages will be encouraged to come down to the Square to enjoy a wide range of activities, including exhibits, food, beverages, live music and entertainment.repeated several times each night. A live feed of the IAAF World Indoor Championships will be shown on a large video board, so you won’t miss a single moment of the thrilling competition and electrifying performances. And, for the first time ever, the three medalists in each event will be escorted from the Oregon Convention Center to Pioneer Courthouse Square, where they will be awarded their medals in front of family, friends and thousands of cheering fans. From the moment they arrive at the Square, the athletes will be treated like rock stars. Standing in a spotlight, they will be introduced to the crowd, and as they stroll up to the medals podium, they will be accompanied by music and video highlights of their performances. The flags of all three athletes will then be raised, and a live 20-piece orchestra will play the national anthem of the gold medalist. The process will be repeated several times each night. The Fan Festival will be open to the public on Thursday, March 17 and remain open through the end of the IAAF World Indoor Championships begin a few hours before the start of the first event and continue for three hours after the last event of the day. Portland 2016 on Sunday, March 20. Activities will begin a few hours before the start of the first event and continue for three hours after the last event of the day.


Day 1 – Thursday, 17 March, Evening
19:05 Pole Vault M Final
19:05 Pole Vault W Final
Day 2 – Friday, 18 March, Morning
10:30 60m H W Pen
10:45 60m H W Heats
11:30 60m M Hep
11:45 400m M Heats
12:10 High Jump W Pen
12:20 Long Jump M Hep
12:25 400m W Heats
13:05 3000m M Heats
13:35 1500m W Heats
13:55 800m M Heats
14:20 60m M Heats
14:25 Shot Put W Pen
Day 2 – Friday, 18 March, Afternoon
17:05 Junior Relay W Final
17:18 Junior Relay M Final
17:15 Shot Put M Hep
17:15 Long Jump W Pen
17:30 60m H W Semi-Final
17:55 60m M Semi-Final
18:20 3000m W Heats
18:45 High Jump M Hep
18:50 Shot Put M Final
18:55 Long Jump W Final
19:00 1500m M Heats
19:25 400m W Semi-Final
19:45 400m M Semi-Final
20:10 800m W Pen
20:30 60m H W Final
20:40 60m M Final
Day 3 – Saturday, 19 March, Morning
11:00 60m H M Hep
11:15 800m W Heats
11:37 Triple Jump W Final
11:40 60m W Heats
12:00 Pole Vault M Hep
12:25 800m WM Final
12:40 4x400m Relay M Heats
13:15 800m MM Final
13:25 4x400m Relay W Heats
Day 3 – Saturday, 19 March, Afternoon
16:45 Junior Relay M Final
17:00 Triple Jump M Final
17:05 60m H M Heats
17:45 Shot Put W Final
17:50 60m W Semi-Final
18:10 Junior Relay W Final
18:22 High Jump M Final
18:35 800m M Final
18:47 400m W Final
19:05 400m M Final
19:18 1500m W Final
19:35 1000m M Hep
19:53 60m W Final
Day 4 – Sunday, 20 March, Afternoon
12:15 Junior Relay W Final
12:25 Junior Relay M Final
12:40 60m H M Semi-Final
13:00 High Jump W Final
13:05 Long Jump M Final
13:10 3000m M Final
13:30 800m W Final
13:45 3000m W Final
14:05 1500m M Final
14:20 4x400m Relay W Final
14:40 60m H M Final
14:50 4x400m Relay M Final

Tickets are available on-line and may also be purchased by phone by calling 1-800-992-8499.
All session packages will include tickets to six sessions:
• One session on Thursday
• Two sessions on Friday
• Two sessions on Saturday
• One session on Sunday
All tickets are for reserved seating with three categories available for purchase:
• Lower Bowl Chair Backs $385
• Straightaway Bleachers $295
• Turn Bleachers $225


The world’s greatest track and field athletes will gather at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland on March 17-20 to compete in the IAAF World Indoor Championships, the first time this biennial event has been contested in the United States since the inaugural meeting in 1987 in Indianapolis. The competition will feature more than 600 athletes representing as many as 200 different countries from around the world. Athletes will compete in 13 men’s and women’s events: 60m, 400m, 800m, 1,500m, 3,000m, 4x400m relay, 60m hurdles, high jump, long jump, triple jump, pole vault, shot put, men’s heptathlon, women’s pentathlon. Medals will be awarded to the top three finishers in each event. The competition will be held in the Oregon Convention Center, featuring a new 200-meter track, infield and 7,000-seat stadium. The OCC has ample space for numerous other spectator amenities. Each day, the public will be invited to gather at Pioneer Square for a lively Fan Festival, which is scheduled to include a replica of the World Indoor track, interactive exhibits, flag display, live entertainment, food and beverages.





Curtis Anderson | TrackTown USA

Director of Communications

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