Last night was the most fun I’ve had in weeks! I finally vaulted with no hamstring problems, albeit I was only from 10 steps all practice and cruisin through a little pole. It was just what I needed for a burst of excitement and mojo before this upcoming weekend! I’ve decided to drive out to Colorado Springs and compete at the Air Force Academy on Saturday – somewhere I’ve always wanted to jump but never made it happen. To say I’m excited would be a huge understatement as it will be a great competitive field as well! Some guys I haven’t seen in a while will be there which always makes the competition that much more fun.

The negative, obviously, will be the 8.5hr drive directly east, through the flat, straight highways of Kansas and eastern Colorado… by myself. In my decade of driving, I’ve never driven that long on my lonesome. I’m sure it won’t be too bad, but I would really appreciate any advice (comment below this post) on tricks to keep myself loose and alert on the drive. I’m planning on stopping every hour to move around and stretch but any other tips would be helpful!

The significance of this competition is that it is the last weekend to qualify for the USA Indoor Championships next weekend, which I am the defending champion with a winning jump of 5.60m – 18′ 4.5″. I’m in a much different place in my life this year compared to last and my realistic goals never included winning USA’s again this indoor season, but I didnt expect to need a last chance meet to qualify! It’s a little pressure on my pride, is all… and I want more than anything right now to hit that 5.50m – 18′ 0.5″ qualifying mark! Funny how things can change throughout a season and how many highs and lows can be jam packed into a couple months of an indoor season. Im ready to have some fun again this weekend! I’m healthy, I’m hungry, and I’m bringin my mojo, baby.





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