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The European Team Championship went hand in history, but a case has not been closed yet. As both the Athletics Federation, and Nicole Kyriacopoulos want to find an answer to what happened to the poles in Gkeitschint and who is responsible ultimately the owner of the National Records could not compete. Already we have begun the first steps to both the outside and inside of the sinuses of the federation. The first axis in a letter to the European federation, the second to a report by the Head of Mission that seeks to shed light on the involvement of other members of the team in a mess.

The first answer you have given the British on the issue each was far from satisfactory. Before leaving the Gkeitschint the heads of the national team asked the organizers of the games written explanations of how and initially advised that poles Kyriakopoulou undelivered, eventually they found afterwards that were in the storage area of ​​men. Where identified a fake, flimsy, cardboard sign that said it was poles of the Greek man jumper. Paper which, noting mysteriously had torn the next day, when the team leader found on the site for inspection.

The inadequate response of the organizers we did not take a clear position on what has happened. And reported the monumental … that “the poles were seen in the storage area, but unfortunately did not find the pitch.” As they were moving … that would make for themselves the poles!

Because of childish response Costas Panagopoulos already talked with the president of the European Federation (NSA) Chansiorgk Virg on Wednesday. While Thursday will “leave,” the letter from the Athletics Federation to the NSA, which will be hand friendly but hard tone. Since, as noted in the letter, what would have happened if the eve of place in Super League would have judged this way?

In the internal affairs of the other must also be answered in this crazy story that everyone looking some poles that are supposed to have been lost in the journey, while a volunteer of matches had already seen while the match was still in progress and considered it to updated hours later Greek mission. Was not alone though.

In Athletics Federation shall be audited and the involvement of Dimitri Kytea in this whole mess. As has emerged from the first survey in Gkeitschint, coach Kostas Filippidi learned that the poles were among those men but did not inform any member of the mission.

Already for this, as for what happened on the issue, he gave the Athletics Federation report Mamouzelos John, who was chief mission Gkeitschint. The whole issue, as well as the involvement of Kytea is something that will occupy the next administration time.

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