Indoor pole vault pit boon for TWU track athletes

A pit cut into the floor of David E. Enarson Gymnasium will allow for year-round  training
When it comes to pole vaulting at the Canadian Interuniversity Sport level,  Trinity Western University is on the rise.This past fall, the TWU track and field program took a big step forward in  terms of its pole vaulting future with the installation of a pole vault box  inside the Spartans’ on-campus David E. Enarson Gymnasium.

The box was cut into the floor of the Spartans’ old gym.While the pit still needs to be set up and taken down each time it’s used, it  provides the TWU vault-ers an opportunity for invaluable training within a  controlled environment.And with the addition of the box, TWU is now the only university in B.C. to  have an indoor pole vault training facility.”Pole vault is very much a precision sport and because of that, the  requirement to have an environment that is consistent is really important,” said  Spartans’ coach Laurier Primeau.

“We’re looking for 18 degrees Celsius every day  we jump and we’re looking for our athletes to be in a state where they are well  rested and not fatigued.”The fact we can jump indoors where we have temperature control and we aren’t  exposed to the elements is huge. All of these things are going to make big  performance differences down the road.”


Jesse Philips

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