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2018 is gone already! I know, I know, it just started, and now we must see it leave. To finish off the 2018 year, we will have the wonderful opportunity to sponsor and attend the TEXAS EXPO Explosion in Belton, Texas. This is sure to be the place to be with some of the best jumping in the Nation. We decided to get behind this event and see what the other half of the country is all about. So please stay tuned, and we cover this event and bring you the news needed to attend next year.
Pole Vault news, “Rising pole vault star Armand Duplantis” With one eye on the IAAF World Athletics Championships Doha 2019 and the other on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, over the course of the next two weeks – Monday through Friday – we’ll highlight the rise of a new generation, 10 exciting prospects under the age of 21 who are set to become stars of the sport over the next few years. (2018). (
“Erica Ellis will make jump to Division I college track and field at Penn State ” A senior at Gates Chili, Ellis will make the jump to NCAA Division I track and field while on scholarship at Penn State University, about a 3½-hour drive south of Rochester. (2018). (
On the cover, we have 2018 and 2019 year in review. Covering all aspects of the vault from college to Pro Elite pole vaulting in 2018 and what’s to come for 2019. 2018 saw some crazy feats and the years of 2019 and 2020 with being some serious excitement. Looking forward to this great read and we cannot say enough about how well Kreager Taber did with this article. Good job!

Tight hamstrings while you pole vault is no fun at all. “In particular, taking off inside can lead to hamstring tightness, which can cause additional problems in the lower legs, back, and hips as it progresses. “Coaches around the world are plagued with athletes that have hamstring problems throughout their career.“ To prevent hamstring injuries from arising in the first place, any muscular imbalances between the hamstrings and quadriceps or between the athlete’s two hamstrings should be resolved in the weight room.” Keep an eye on those hamstrings; maintenance is key to a healthy set for the upcoming season.
John Clark is a Masters Vaulter and has a wonderful story to share. “When I saw something on Facebook posted by a long-lost childhood friend talking about winning a gold medal at the 2017 World Masters Games in New Zealand, at the ripe old age of 64, I thought, “Wow. Track for old folks … pretty cool. Maybe I could do that.”” A great read for all ages and a true testament to the ability to make a change in your personal life at any age.

2019 will be one heck of a year, full of surprises and anticipation for the 2020 Olympics. Stay tuned as we cover all aspects of the pole vault and more.

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