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Happy New Year – 2020

Already, Christmas has come and gone, and the new year is upon us all. What did you do in 2019 that you can look back on and say that it was a significant achievement in your life? 2019 for us was a big one for our club and our magazine. Started a Hall of Fame cover, joined the EXPO Explosion as a sponsor and contributor, reached a record amount of pole vaulters, sold pole vault equipment and pits, donated our time and energy for the cause. We also went to more out of state meets then we have ever done so in the past. 2019 was a stellar year, and we plan to make 2020 just as big with more energy and presence throughout the world.

This month we pay tribute to the two ladies that write the articles and put for the effort to put their thoughts and the thoughts of our readers on paper. They do the research, follow up, and get the story across to the readers each month for years now — constant dedication and professionalism to make the deadline through thick and thin. Many people try their best to make a difference in this world by having something to show for their effort. Kreagar and Samantha will never have that problem. They have placed their mark in pole vault history for so many years to come. For that, we salute you and appreciate all that you do for this sport.

John Clark covered the Mac Vault III this month, and from what we can tell, that was one heck of an event. Not to mention their new facility is pole vault heaven. We plan to take a visit and get back to you will all the juicy details about the facility and this club. Good job, John, great read.

Next month we have Cornell University on the cover of the magazine. It will be interesting for sure, can’t wait to see what they’re up to.

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