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January 2023, where has the time gone! Here we are, we made it to the new year, and we are currently sitting in Belton, Texas at the 2022 EXPO Explosion meet. What an amazing meet this is each year for the kids. Always a treat to come to Texas, get to know the pole vault community, partake in a class or two, buy some spikes from VS Athletics and other vendors and watch your athletes pole vault. If you missed it this year, there is always next year. We have a solid 2023 set up for all of you with elite athletes, universities, clubs, and coaches.

This month we have the United States Coast Guard Academy on the cover for January 2023. What a treat this is for all of us as many of you did not know that they have pole vault, but yes, they do. “Athletics play an integral role in the development of those virtues for students and student-athletes alike at the prestigious academy. The track and field program at the Coast Guard academy is headed up by Coach Ethan Brown.” What a great article full of information about this historic program.

I must admit, Daniel Bush is fun! Love reading his articles about the pole vault, and his story this month continues. To get the big picture you must follow each month, so the story is familiar. But the best part of the whole article is this part. “Forget trying to be the greatest in the world.  No achievement or worldly success could replace these blessings.  Pole vault is supposed to be fun.  It’s about the relationships, experiences, and memories.  It’s promoting Godly character and being a positive influence. It’s about these kids.  That’s why we do it.  That’s greatness.” Thank you, Daniel we all need the reminders.

Abby is back and she reminds us all how important it is to make sure and get exercise during these months. Not everyone is the athletic type, but anything is better then nothing. “Lastly you do not have to have an active relative to include them in your vaulting world. There are many things all vaulters need.” Have a read, it’s fun and full of information.

As we finish last year and start 2023, we at Vaulter Magazine are thankful for you the reader and all the staff that help us do what we do. Our writers are the best and Sara is now working for Fox Sports, and we couldn’t be prouder. Daniel writes and sells his books for all kids to read with a message full of values. So once again, thank you all.

Next month we have Angelica Moser on the cover. A Swiss pro vaulter with a PR of 4.75m and a 2x Olympian. Exciting times for sure.

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