January 2024 Middle School Issue of Vaulter Magazine

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In this month’s edition of Vaulter Magazine, our spotlight shines on middle school athletes, delving into the nuanced style of vaulters and unlocking enhanced exposure through the comprehensive Camp Listing and Club Listing features.

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Shinning a light on the critical role of middle school athletes in pole vaulting, emphasizing the prevention of burnout and effective fatigue management. The magazine features stories of standout middle schoolers across the nation, such as Aleksandra “Sasha” Strem, Nye-Zurri Simir Simms, Kingston Khoury, Traxton Richards, and Logan Beahm. Recognizing the pivotal development stage of middle school athletes, the article underscores the importance of skill development, technique refinement, and a well-rounded training approach to foster a lasting passion for pole vaulting. Doug Bouma advocates against early specialization, promoting a comprehensive training program that integrates various athletic activities and injects fun into sessions. Coaches are encouraged to prioritize individualized training plans, gradual progression, regular monitoring, rest and recovery emphasis, open communication, holistic development, and an enjoyable training environment. The integration of middle school athletes into pole vaulting programs is portrayed as an investment in the future of the sport, contributing to the overall health, well-being, and sustained success of athletes as they progress through their pole vaulting journey.

In Matt Barry’s contemplative exploration, the distinction between pole vault technique and a vaulter’s style takes center stage. Amidst the backdrop of his extensive pole vault library, Barry reflects on the definitions of technique and style, initiating a journey through YouTube, pole vault books, and Instagram in pursuit of clarity. As a seasoned teacher, he emphasizes the importance of defining key terms, establishing technique as the execution of a task and style as a distinctive manner. Barry delves into the coaching dynamics, pointing out the significance of guiding athletes to improve their technique, thus enhancing performance. Drawing from pole vault books, Barry challenges the notion that every vaulter’s technique is unique, underscoring the role of an overarching technical model. He illustrates this point by examining the approaches of Thiago Braz da Silva and EJ Obiena, showcasing how their styles conform to technical models. Barry further contrasts technique-focused coaching with stylistic nuances observed in prominent vaulters like Mondo Duplantis, Sam Kendricks, Sandi Morris, Katie Moon, and KC Lightfoot. Through this insightful analysis, Barry prompts coaches and enthusiasts to scrutinize whether they are witnessing a technical model or the distinctive style of a pole vaulter in action.

In the upcoming issue of Vaulter Magazine, we’re thrilled to showcase a major university. Join us next month for an exciting feature that highlights this significant institution in the world of pole vaulting.

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