Jenn Suhr is the new World Record holder in the women’s pole vault indoors. At 5.02 meters, Jenn Suhr has jumped higher than any other women in the world. That, is fact. That the 2008 Olympic silver medalist and now, 2012 Olympic gold medalist at the pole vault is now a world record holder for the first time, is somehow surprising. Add that to her nine American records, and one gets some perspective.

A world record is, dear readers, an anomaly. It is the the athletic equivalent of the perfect storm.  The drive of the athlete, the focus of the athlete, great facility, supportive fans, strong competition, and all of those coming at once, give us something, that quite frankly, I believe we take for granted. Our sport is truly about competition: how one person, or eight for that matter, run, jump or throw against each other! 
We sent these questions to Jenn Suhr about 5 am local time in Goteborg, Sweden, on Sunday morning, as my world record alarm went off on my phone. Curious, I read and saw that Jenn Suhr had indeed broken the World Record. Rick Suhr, her coach, was proven right again as he told RBR that Jenn Suhr would go very high. Somehow, I believe that she is no where near her limits. The road to Moscow 2013 gets even more fascinating.
Here is how she answered our six questions: 

RunBlogRun, #1: How did you feel at 4.90 meters?

Jenn Suhr: I felt confident at 4.90, but I was also trying to stay focused.  With the length of the meet, I wasn’t sure if I should jump at 4.90 or go straight to 5.02. However, I knew it was a height that was a progression to my ultimate goal. I tried to stay focused and not get too excited after the clearance.

RunBlogRun, #2: Had you practiced at 5 meters?

Jenn Suhr: I have only jumped at 5 meters on our outdoor runway and that was a couple years ago.

RunBlogrun, #3. You are only second women over 5 meters, how does that feel?

Jenn Suhr:  My goal was to be the 1st women ever over 5.02 indoors.

RunBlogRun, # 4: You told me at NB Grand Prix that five meters sounded ominous, but 16-5, 16-6 sounded okay, where do you go now?

 Jenn Suhr: As a vaulter, I am always looking to improve. From here, I will take the same approach I do every season and that is to make technical improvements and stay healthy! To give insight, my coach tells me I am not jumping anywhere near my potential, and that was after 5.02!

Runblogrun, # 5. Overhere, (in Europe), two vault observers noted that Ms. Isinbayeva either gets motivated or depressed with your 5.02m, you seem to invite competition, are you looking forward to Moscow?

 Jenn Suhr: I know how I feel, and that is motivated and excited for what outdoor holds…! As for Moscow, I have to concentrate on qualifying at US Nationals.

RunBlogRun, # 6. How are you feeling about your first World record?

Jenn Suhr: I am honoured to have a WR, but breaking it after such a great athlete had it means even more. This was one of those records in track and field that wasn’t considered to be broken for a long time.


Jenn Suhr
Jenn Suhr

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