“It’s been about a month since I last wrote a diary so here’s my latest news and thoughts.

“After the Olympics, I thought life might slow down a little bit but it seems as though I am always in full swing doing one thing or another.

“During the last month, I’ve spoken at an injury prevention clinic here where I live at the University of Rochester Medical Center and also judged a local Battle of The Bands competition. It was like a cross between American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent but, unfortunately, without any record deals and endorsements to follow the winners.

“I also have done quite a bit of home improvement work here on our house with my husband, Rick. There are only certain times of year that we can do this, due to competitions and training commitments, but we have been focused on it lately.

“We laid a cobblestone patio with a fireplace and then re-tiled a shower. Although I am careful about lifting anything heavy or jeopardizing my training, I did use the tile saw to cut the tiles to size. I still have all my fingers so it was a successful project and the shower looks awesome, if I do say so myself!

“While we were busy working, my Great Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Tundra decided to take himself off for a walk, and he ended up encouraging a small terrier to join him on his walkabout!

“When I noticed he was gone, I went looking around the neighbourhood for him, and saw that he was running around with another dog. I was able to catch Tundra but I would have needed the speed of Tyson Gay to catch the Jack Russell Terrier he was with.

“For two hours, I tried to track down this dog (by car, of course) while his owners were also frantically searching for him. Finally, about four miles away, I saw a dog wandering!  I tried to lure him into my car with trail mix and protein bars but he kept running around a house. Any time I got close, he ran away

“After about 10 minutes of me doing whatever I thought would get this dog to come to me, someone came out of the house, the dog ran inside and they asked: ‘Why are you trying to steal my dog!’ Oops, I was chasing the wrong dog!


“But they seriously looked exactly alike!  So the search began again, but finally, the dog was found so we could relax. However, Tundra is now grounded.

“After indoors, I was pretty anxious to start training again. April seems like the longest month in western New York State, in my opinion. It’s cold and rainy but, this year, it even has some snow. I am ready for warm weather and looking forward to turning off the propane blowers and to opening some windows! I am tired of frozen toes and frozen fingers.

“I want to get outside and jump but know my first outdoor meet will be the first time I jump outside.  I guess you have to start somewhere, right? So in the meantime, I am keeping my fingers crossed and looking at the 10-day weather forecast instead of the hourly.

From: http://www.iaaf.org/athletes/diaries/jennifer-suhr/jenn-suhr-dogged-by-domestic-issues-iaaf-onli

Jenn Suhr Vaulter Magazine
Jenn Suhr Vaulter Magazine

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